These Taiwanese Howitzers Are Enormous
The 240-millimeter M1 howitzer, or “Black Dragon,” was the heaviest piece of field artillery the U.S. Army deployed in World War II. The huge guns smashed the Axis Powers’ concrete fortifications in Europe to rubble, and blasted Chinese mountain bunkers during the Korean War. “There was little call for the... Read more
Russia Brings Its Big Guns to Syria
The Russian army is literally bringing its big guns to the war in Syria. U.S. military analysts said the decision to add artillery to the battlefield indicates a number of key developments, including the Kremlin’s growing influence in planning and executing Syrian military operations. It could be a sign... Read more
The U.S. Army Hurls Hundreds of Rockets at Islamic State
There are few instances where artillery can be considered a quiet addition to the battlefield. But as it turns out, the U.S. Army has hurled hundreds of rockets at Islamic State militants for months without much public attention. On Nov. 22, the American-led coalition hit nearly 20 targets across Iraq.... Read more
Video–The U.S. Army Tests New Artillery Rockets
The U.S. Army is cooking up new warheads for its 227-millimeter artillery rockets to replace versions filled with cluster bombs. An official video shows the deadly effects of these so-called “alternative warheads” on simulated vehicles, command centers and people. For more than two years, the ground combat branch has... Read more
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