The U.S. Military Risks Forgetting Its Hard-Earned K-9 Skills
On Dec. 4, Spc. Andrew Brown and the bomb-sniffing dog Rocky of the 226th Military Police Detachment searched a compound in Helmand province, Afghanistan. An explosive device detonated, spraying out deadly shrapnel. Brown and Rocky — who had worked together for two years and deployed in October — sustained injuries, luckily... Read more
How Police Dogs Turned Into Cybernetic Hunters
This article originally appeared at Motherboard. A German Shepherd lies on a stretcher in a sterile exam room, tucked in a fleece blanket. The room’s perimeter is lined with men in crisp khaki uniforms, handguns strapped to their sagging utility belts. A shrill beep sounds over a radio, and... Read more
Even Animals Needed Gas Masks in World War I
There was nothing more terrifying in the trenches than the call of a gas attack — “GAS! GAS!” This warning cry sent men scrambling for their masks as the poisonous fog enveloped them. Soldiers succumbed to the strangling effects of chlorine, phosgene and mustard gas for years as the... Read more
The U.S. Military Scrambled F-16s to Fend Off a Crazy Cat Lady
On Aug. 28, two F-16s from the Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Wing took off from Buckley Air Force Base. Their mission? Escort a Boeing 767 passenger jet flying from Frankfurt, Germany to Las Vegas. The Condor airlines plane needed to make an emergency stop in Denver to rid... Read more

Matthew Gault

Contributing Editor

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