The Hazards of Military Worship
More, more, more. I was guilty of it myself. Commanding a small cavalry troop of around 85 soldiers in southwest Kandahar Province back in 2011, I certainly wanted and requested more. More troopers, more Special Forces advisers, more Afghan police, more air support, more supplies, more money, more …... Read more
After MOAB Strike, No Word on the Fate of Kidnapped Civilians
Two weeks after U.S. forces dropped one of the most powerful non-nuclear bombs to target Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan, there has been no official word on the number of casualties. A U.S. Air Force MC-130 dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, nicknamed “Mother Of All Bombs,” in... Read more
By the Way, Russia Is Supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan Now
The American public turned its attention to Afghanistan on April 13, 2017 when U.S. Special Operations Forces dropped a huge bomb on the Islamic State. Media coverage of America’s longest war picked up as talking heads mooned over the impressive weapon. But when most Americans weren’t paying attention, their longest war had... Read more
The MOAB Is One of the Biggest Non-Nuclear U.S. Bombs
The United States Air Force has dropped one of the largest non-nuclear bombs ever built on an ISIS tunnel network in Afghanistan. The weapon—called the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast—was dropped from an MC-130 belonging to U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. The Pentagon stated that the bomb targeted a... Read more
The New York City Playwright Who Sneaked Into Afghanistan During the Soviet Invasion
War Is Boring published an earlier version of this story on Dec 15, 2014. In 1981, an American writer sneaked into Afghanistan following a dream. He survived — barely — and wrote a play that eventually became a movie. The Beast, which debuted in 1988, is about a Soviet tank crew that finds itself... Read more
Real Ordnance-Disposal Isn’t Anything Like ‘Hurt Locker’
Angry Old Man Yells at Generals About Goats
Top U.S. military brass convened on Capitol Hill on March 16 to sit before the House Armed Services Committee. The assorted generals, admirals and secretaries were there to testify about the Fiscal Year 2017 defense budget. The testimony went on for three hours and covered a broad range of... Read more
The Pentagon’s Rape Hypocrisy Is Painfully Obvious
U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, is introducing federal legislation that would require the U.S. military to do more to stop rape. The Mandating America’s Responsibility to Limit Abuse, Negligence and Depravity Act aims “to establish a policy against sexual abuse on all United States military installations, whether... Read more
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