Congress wants the Navy to prove it can fight off a swarm attack in new proposed bill
In the wake of a tense and ongoing maritime situation in the Persian Gulf, Congress is now asking how the U.S. Navy plans on dealing with potential swarms of small gunboats and drones- a favorite tactic of the Iranian Navy. Massachusetts Democrat and Marine veteran Rep. Seth Moulton has... Read more
U.S. Navy could convert Philippines shipyard into repair & maintenance facility
Seth Robson Stars and Stripes A bankrupt commercial shipyard in the Philippines may present an opportunity for the Navy to re-establish itself at a major port it vacated nearly 30 years ago. “The U.S. Navy is exploring the viability of Subic Bay Hanjin Shipyard for use as a potential... Read more
USS Boxer arrives in Middle East waters as tension with Iran continues to rise
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes Thousands of sailors and Marines sailed into 5th Fleet waters Monday as an amphibious assault group led by the USS Boxer deployed to the region, where tensions are flaring between the U.S. and Iran. The Boxer, which carries the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and... Read more
Iran attack was first successful takedown of a Global Hawk drone
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes Iran’s attack on a U.S. Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Thursday marks the first known instance of an adversary shooting down the workhorse drone in its nearly 18-year operational history. The RQ-4A Global Hawk maritime surveillance drone was flying in international airspace over the... Read more
President cancels missile strike against Iran 10 minutes before launch
Noah Bierman Los Angeles Times President Trump said Friday he abruptly canceled a planned U.S. missile strike against three Iranian targets “10 minutes before” it was set to launch because he was told the raid would likely kill 150 Iranians. “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night... Read more
U.S. Navy resurrects 2nd Fleet to run BALTOPS exercise, Russia watching from afar
Scott Wyland Stars and Stripes The recently revived 2nd Fleet is leading the 18-nation Baltic Operations with an eye toward Russia, a former participant in the long-running exercise whose military movements in recent years have put the Baltic region’s former Soviet states on edge. Military officials say the 47th... Read more
The battleship that wouldn’t sink: How the USS Nevada became a symbol of the American fighter during WWII
Two attributes often come to mind when attempting to describe the American mindset: stubbornness and perseverance. If ever there was a physical embodiment of those qualities it would be the USS Nevada.  A battleship that rose from her watery grave after the attack on Pearl Harbor to exact vengeance... Read more
U.S. sending another 1,000 troops to Middle East in response to oil tanker attack
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon on Monday announced it would deploy about 1,000 new troops to the Middle East “for defensive purposes” and released new imagery it says shows Iranian troops’ involvement in the attacks on two tankers June 13 in the Gulf of Oman. Acting Defense... Read more
Editorial: The U.S. can protect tankers from Iran, with help from allies
  It was known as the “tanker war.” In 1987, Iran wreaked havoc on global energy supplies moving through the Strait of Hormuz, using mines to attack Kuwaiti oil tankers and eventually triggering direct conflict between U.S. naval forces and Iranian vessels. The U.S. estimated that Iran had attacked... Read more
Naval War College announces first female President
Caitlin M. Kenney Stars and Stripes The next president the U.S. Naval War College will be a woman, a first for the century-old institution, after the previous president was removed. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer announced Friday that Rear Adm. Shoshana Chatfield will be the next president of the Navy’s... Read more
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