Japan’s Navy is offering free wifi to lure new recruits
In light of a severe personnel shortage, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is seeking to lure in new recruits- with free WiFi. Noting that the idea of being without internet while aboard a ship is unappealing to Japanese youth, the JMSDF is looking “to expand Wi-fi access to... Read more
The Navy’s newest fleet was created to confront Russia
The US Navy’s Second fleet -which was reinstated in 2018 to confront Russia- is fully operational and operating out of Norfolk, Virginia. The Navy made the announcement on December 31 and noted that the fleet will oversee operations in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. “This is a dynamic response... Read more
China launches it first Chinese-built aircraft carrier

The Chinese have launched their first indigenous aircraft carrier, a major step for the People’s Liberation Army Navy amid current tensions in the South China Sea.

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China suspends visits by US warships to Hong Kong, sanctions NGOs
BEIJING — China will suspend visits by U.S. warships to Hong Kong and sanction several US nonprofits in retaliation for the Trump administration enacting legislation in support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters, the Foreign Ministry said Monday. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said U.S. nonprofits have instigated protesters “to... Read more
Russia denies stealing toilets from Ukrainian naval ships before returning them

Russia on Thursday denied stealing toilets from Ukrainian naval vessels returned to Ukraine earlier this week after a year in Russian custody.

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Missing WWII submarine found after 75 years off the coast of Okinawa

A long-missing World War II-era US Navy Submarine has been found- and its long disappearance is due to a translation error.

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North Korea fires two ‘short-range’ missiles into Sea of Japan amid stalled nuke talks with U.S.

North Korea fired two projectiles into the Sea of Japan on Thursday, officials in South Korea and Japan said, in the nuclear-armed country’s 20th launch since May.

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This Naval aviator was a cowboy maverick of legendary fame
It takes an incredible amount of intestinal fortitude to take off from the deck of a ship, and a little more to land on a pitching deck. No matter how hard a Naval Aviator might be, trying to land on that same pitching deck in the middle of a... Read more
Chinese-born US Navy officer with TS clearance arrested smuggling US weapons to China
A US Navy officer of Chinese origin has been busted for multiple federal charges, ranging from firearms law infractions to attempting to smuggle military-grade boats to Chinese government interests. Lieutenant Fan Yang, a Chinese-born US Navy Sailor who held a top secret clearance and worked with an Anti-Submarine Warfare... Read more
What’s in a name? Navy comes out with new ship naming guidelines
A new series of ship-naming conventions has come down the pipe for the U.S. Navy, setting a list of guidelines for what kind of vessels get their namesake from. The memorandum put out by the Navy and obtained by the U.S. Naval Institute, lists several naming convention rules, as... Read more
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