New firepower headed to the Pacific, USS Gabrielle Giffords sets sail for Thailand
A U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship has been equipped with a new strike missile deployed to the Pacific Ocean last week. The USS Gabrielle Giffords departed from San Diego yesterday, hauling the Naval Strike Missile and the MQ-8C Fire Scout drone. Utilizing the drones, the Giffords can destroy over-the-horizon... Read more
1,200 troops being set to help Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian destroys the Caribbean islands
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon has mobilized about 1,200 active-duty troops to assist the Hurricane Dorian-stricken Bahamas, where the death toll rose to at least 44 on Monday about one week after the Category 5 storm devastated the islands. The troops — some of whom arrived in... Read more
Navy using social media influences to recruit new cadets
By Brock Vergakis The Virginian-Pilot William Osman appears thrilled that he’s about to perform an egg-drop experiment. The challenge is the same one that generations of students have done before: Engineer a way to stop an egg that’s dropped from a high elevation from obliterating on impact. But Osman... Read more
Report: Cyber war raging between U.S. & Iran as countries jostle for control of Persian Gulf
While there may not be a formal shooting match between the U.S. and Iran, a very real -and very destructive- cyber war is raging between the two nations. A recent report indicates that an Iranian paramilitary database was wiped out in June by U.S. cyberwarfare teams, effectively disrupting plans... Read more
Navy in the process of developing an unmanned “Ghost Fleet”
The U.S. Navy is hoping shipbuilders can give it ideas for a fleet of large unmanned surface vessels to create a “Ghost Fleet.” Known as the Large Unmanned Surface Vehicle program, the ships will have to be modular and able to run for some time with limited maintenance in... Read more
U.K. releases seized Iranian tanker despite U.S. demands not to
An Iranian oil tanker seized by British Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar in July has been released, despite protests by the U.S. government. Suspected of violating E.U. sanctions regarding oil shipments to Syria, the ship -known as Grace 1- was seized by the U.K. and detained in... Read more
China blocks two U.S. Navy ships from docking in Hong Kong, blames U.S. for protests
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Chinese government has denied requests for two US Navy ships to visit Hong Kong, a US State Department official said Tuesday, as tensions escalated in the region. The two ships are the USS Green Bay, a transport ship, and the USS Lake Erie, a cruiser.... Read more
Navy switching out touchscreen for manual controls for destroyers after USS John McCain collision
The U.S. Navy is knocking certain technologies down a peg in their fleet of warships, following a deadly collision in 2017. Guided-missile destroyers will soon have touchscreen throttle controls replaced with mechanical ones, giving less room for hardware failure in scenarios such as the 2017 collision of the USS... Read more
The Forgotten Navy: U.S. minesweeper fleet in disrepair as Iran drops more explosives in Strait of Hormuz
The U.S. Navy’s minesweeper fleet is in a serious state of disrepair- and that spells trouble for Americans attempting to confront mine-happy Iranian naval forces. Frequently moored for maintenance at their respective ports, American minesweepers are often neglected when compared to more modern or used ships, such as Aegis-class... Read more
USS Boxer crew says they are ready for everything and anything from Iran
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes The drone-downing USS Boxer is ready to counter “anything that’s thrown at us” by Iran should it encounter any new threats, the ship’s executive officer said prior to departing Bahrain on Friday following a scheduled weeklong port visit. The San Diego-based amphibious assault ship... Read more
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