Navy conducts first test flight of a “fleet-friendly” variant of the MV-22B Osprey
The US Navy is trying out a “fleet-friendly” variant of the MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, in hopes that it can take over the Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) role held by the venerable C-2 Greyhound. In order to meet Navy specs, the CMV-22B was fitted to house extra fuel, giving... Read more
Croation fishing crew finds secret US Navy underwater system
A Croation fishing crew caught an interesting catch in the form of a US Navy underwater system out of the Adriatic Sea. The item was 460 feet under the water when it was netted by the crew, who hauled the 220-pound item onto the deck to check it out.... Read more
US Navy maintenance issue is costing $6 billion
It’s a $6 billion scourge that afflicts Navy destroyers, cruise ships and historic vessels like the Queen Mary without fear or favor. It’s such a problem that professional organizations and conferences are dedicated to its existence — and its suppression. It’s also on your shower head. The orange stain... Read more
Chinese ships leave disputed waters after Indonesia deploys 4 warships and F-16 fighter jets
Chinese fishing and coastguard ships have vacated waters off Indonesia’s Natuna islands after President Joko Widodo vowed to enforce his country’s maritime rights during a visit to the area, the military said on Thursday. Indonesia deployed four F-16 fighter jets and four warships after dozens of Chinese vessels refused... Read more
S. Korea refuses to send troops to Strait of Hormuz despite 70% of its crude oil imports shipping through there
“I would hope that Korea will send forces out there,” Amb. Harry Harris said in an interview with broadcaster KBS, adding that South Korea gets so much of its energy from the Middle East. More than 70 percent of South Korea’s crude oil imports are shipped through the Strait... Read more
Japan’s Navy is offering free wifi to lure new recruits
In light of a severe personnel shortage, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is seeking to lure in new recruits- with free WiFi. Noting that the idea of being without internet while aboard a ship is unappealing to Japanese youth, the JMSDF is looking “to expand Wi-fi access to... Read more
The Navy’s newest fleet was created to confront Russia
The US Navy’s Second fleet -which was reinstated in 2018 to confront Russia- is fully operational and operating out of Norfolk, Virginia. The Navy made the announcement on December 31 and noted that the fleet will oversee operations in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. “This is a dynamic response... Read more
New US law requires probe of Marshall Islands nuclear dump threatened by rising seas
Congress is demanding that the Department of Energy investigate an aging, cracking U.S. nuclear waste dump threatened by climate change and rising seas in the Marshall Islands. As part of the new National Defense Authorization Act, signed last week by President Donald Trump, the energy agency must submit a... Read more
Russian surveillance ship has been spotted off the coast of Florida

A Russian surveillance ship has been spotted off the coast of Florida, prompting the U.S. Navy and other officials to keep it under close watch amid security concerns.

Read more
China launches it first Chinese-built aircraft carrier

The Chinese have launched their first indigenous aircraft carrier, a major step for the People’s Liberation Army Navy amid current tensions in the South China Sea.

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