What’s in a name? Navy comes out with new ship naming guidelines
A new series of ship-naming conventions has come down the pipe for the U.S. Navy, setting a list of guidelines for what kind of vessels get their namesake from. The memorandum put out by the Navy and obtained by the U.S. Naval Institute, lists several naming convention rules, as... Read more
Failure to launch: U.S. Navy has a ship building problem and no real solutions
The U.S. Navy seems to have a recurring problem with newer ships coming off the assembly line: none of them work the way they were designed to. From the catapults of the USS Gerald R. Ford to the Zumwalt-class of futuristic guided-missile destroyers, the recurring theme seems to be... Read more
Navy increases patrol in the Black Sea, send seventh warship in the Russian region this year
Scott Wyland Stars and Stripes The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea on Saturday, the seventh time the Navy has sent a warship into the region this year as a response to a more assertive Russia. It is the second time in as many months that the... Read more
Iran claims oil tanker was struck with two missiles
Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Two separate explosions hit an Iranian oil tanker on Friday, which set the ship on fire, Iran’s ISNA news agency has reported. The vessel is owned by Iran’s state-owned National Iranian Oil Co. (NIOC), who identified the tanker as the Sabiti. No casualties were... Read more
Navy launches ninth Independence class combat ship the USS Cincinnati
Christian Lopez Stars and Stripes The Navy plans to commission its newest littoral combat ship, the USS Cincinnati, during a ceremony Saturday in Gulfport, Miss. A departure in design from its sister vessels, the LCS was plagued with problems during its development but is showing potential. For example, an... Read more
Navy bringing back torpedoman rating after sinking it 24 years ago
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes The Navy has reinstated its torpedoman’s mate rating nearly a quarter of a century after it was consigned to Davy Jones’ locker, the service said in a message Tuesday. The change is a direct response to fleet feedback and supports “rating modernization initiatives to... Read more
After several breaches, Navy picks new CIO of cybersecurity
Caitlin M. Kenney Stars and Stripes Aaron Weis on Thursday was named the Navy’s new chief information officer as the service looks to clamp down on leaks in its cybersecurity following several breaches that resulted in the loss of classified and sensitive information. The breaches forced Navy Secretary Richard... Read more
Osprey-styled drones may be protecting fleets in the near future
A drone-based on the MV-22B Osprey design may be the new guardian of the fleet, providing vital data to carrier groups and supporting counter-attacks. Known as the Bell V-247 Vigilant, the drone is a dual-tiltrotor UAV that is about the size of a UH-1 helicopter. According to Military.com, the... Read more
Sealift Command performs massive readiness test, largest mobilization in more than 15 years
The U.S. Military Sealift Command is mobilizing on a scale unseen for over a decade, as it rapidly activates crews and an alarming number of ships for an unknown future conflict. The U.S. Transportation Command has ordered 28 ships to have the mothballs shaken out and the skeleton crews... Read more
Russia to start test firing hypersonic missiles from submarines by next year
The Russian Navy may be the first nation to use hypersonic cruise missiles on submarines, though their effectiveness may be questionable. The faster-moving missiles have the potential to outfly modern air defenses, and the first test launch in 2020 will involve a Zircon-type missile fired from a K-651 Kazan... Read more
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