Chinese peacekeepers in Mali. MINUSMA photo Beijing learns that peacekeeping is dangerous by KEVIN KNODELL On May 31, a rocket attack in the Water Tower neighborhood of the Malian town of Gao struck Chinese peacekeepers. The attack killed 29-year-old First Sgt. Shen Lianlian and injured several of his fellow soldiers. A... Read more
A Black Hawk helicopter in Somalia, 1993. Rjones0856/Flickr photo Bringing Iraq — and my experience in Somalia — to the homeland by MARK WILKERSON Memorial Day is over. You had your barbecue. Now, you can stop thinking about America’s wars and the casualties from them for another year. As for me, I only wish... Read more
F-35. Lockheed Martin photo Senator changes position on military wish-lists by MANDY SMITHBERGER One of the many tools the U.S. Congress uses to add defense-industry goodies to spending bills are “wish list” letters from the military services, more formally known as “unfunded priorities lists.” These lists — which include tens of billions... Read more
An oil spill in the Niger Delta. Flickr photo But will Abuja honor its promise? by PETER DOERRIE Oil was first discovered in the Niger Delta in the 1950s and since exploitation began, crude has pretty much constantly spilled into the local ecosystem, ruining nature and livelihoods alike. A 2011 report by... Read more
Photo via Vice Motherboard Edward Snowden reveals another surveillance program by JOSEPH COX For years, and in secret, U.K. law enforcement agencies have had access to metadata collected by the country’s powerful signals intelligence agency GCHQ. The fact this power has only been revealed now raises serious questions about government transparency,... Read more
Dick Cheney. Photo via Wikipedia Uruguay’s experience helps us answer a hard question by REBECCA GORDON “The cold was terrible but the screams were worse,” Sara Mendez told the BBC. “The screams of those who were being tortured were the first thing you heard and they made you shiver. That’s why... Read more
No, You Can’t Have a Small Nuclear War
In the event of a rapidly escalating conflict with the Russians, should the United States conduct a “limited” nuclear strike to coerce the enemy to back down? Or, in Cold War nukespeak, should the United States “escalate to deescalate” the situation? Believe it or not, that is a real... Read more
After Every Mass Shooting, Americans Turn to Bogotá’s ‘Bulletproof Tailor’
This article originally appeared at Motherboard. Miguel Caballero had me choose the bullet he was going to shoot me with. Caballero is a tailor based out of Bogotá, Colombia. Some call him the “Armored Armani,“ although he doesn’t like the nickname. He makes stylish bulletproof clothing, for when you want... Read more
Police in Orlanda following the June 12 attack on the Pulse nightclub. City of Orlando Police Department photo It’s time to panic! by TOM ENGELHARDT As 2015 ended, this country was certifiably terror-stricken. It had the Islamic State on the brain. Hoax terror threats or terror imbroglios shut down school... Read more
South Carolina Sheriff Gets In Trouble Trying to Trade For a Spy Plane
Leon Lott, the colorful and immensely popular sheriff of Richland County, South Carolina — the county encompassing the state capitol Columbia — really digs military hardware. Arguably the most famous photo of Lott depicts him posing in front of his department’s M-113 armored personnel carrier, replete with a .50-caliber... Read more
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