Chinese and Pakistani troops during a joint exercise. Photo via Pakistan Military Review Islamists complicate ties with atheist Beijing by KEVIN KNODELL On the surface, it’d be easy to view Pakistan and China as two close, emerging friends with mutual distrust of India — while hedging against a U.S. government that is increasingly wary... Read more
B61 nuclear bombs on a bomb cart. DoD photo Turkish coup attempt raises alarms about nuclear weapons deployed overseas by LYDIA DENNETT After the recent military coup attempt in Turkey, multiple organizations have raised appropriate concerns about the 50 U.S. nuclear bombs stored at a Turkish air base less than 70 miles... Read more
Image via Vice Motherboard Better facial recognition could lead to autonomous assassins by NATALIE O’NEILL From catching thieves to finding lost pets, facial recognition technology has already done a fair bit of good for humanity. But artificial intelligence experts warn new developments in the field could soon trigger a more... Read more
NNSA counter-WMD training. NNSA photo ‘The Washington Post’’s Dana Priest fell for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s bullshit by LYDIA DENNETT In the fall of 2012, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist Dana Priest wrote a surprisingly supportive two-part series on the National Nuclear Security Administration, the NNSA. The first piece, “U.S.... Read more
Be skeptical when Moscow hypes some super-weapon by JOSEPH TREVITHICK A senior Russian officer claimed the Kremlin’s weaponeers are working on a nuclear-armed, orbital bomber that can lob megaton atomic bombs at any city on Earth just an hour or two after launch. Yes, you read that right. But don’t panic.... Read more
U.S. Air Force Predator and Reaper drones. All photos — Air Force Remote strikes are an illegal military strategy disguised as a technological advancement by REBECCA GORDON Think of it as the Trojan Drone, the ultimate techno-weapon of American warfare in these years, a single remotely operated plane sent to take out a... Read more
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter with Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. DoD photo The 28 pages reveal suspicious but circumstantial evidence of links to hijackers by MATTHEW GAULT Nothing fuels conspiracy theories quite like the right information at the wrong time. Congress published 28 pages long held back from... Read more
Tony Blair in 2013. Photo via Flickr The failures of the last decade’s powers-that-be reminds me to find solace in crude Scottish wordplay by MATTHEW GAULT The Middle East is on fire and the world wants someone to blame. In the United Kingdom, still reeling from Brexit and its political fallout, the... Read more
Putin playing it cool. Kremlin photo Putin’s approval rating is 83 percent despite various military excursions and a stagnant economy by MATTHEW GAULT In the West people tend to think of Russian president Vladimir Putin as a strongman dictator, a former KGB man who oppresses his people, censors the media and antagonizes... Read more
A group of orphans standing on a hill in Nimule, South Sudan prior to the current war. Sophie Beya photo Someone needs to take charge of a broken political system by PETER DOERRIE The world’s youngest country is also one of the most troubled. Almost exactly five years to the day... Read more
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