This week the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 85 to 13. This is the most significant piece of defense reform legislation passed by the Senate in 30 years, containing major reforms to Pentagon organization, the defense acquisition... Read more
The air is electric in Rio right now, and not just because of the surveillance cameras scattered all around the city by DIA KAYYALI Rio’s hundreds of surveillance cameras are easy to view on the 85 square meter display in the panopticon-style Center for Integrated Command and Control or the equally... Read more
Polar bears check out the U.S. Navy submarine USS ‘Honolulu,’ surface in the Arctic. U.S. Navy photo Nuclear weapons, climate change and our prospects for survival by NOAM CHOMSKY In January 2015, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced its famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes before midnight, a threat level that... Read more
Iulia Gheorghiu art How much does a B-21 cost? No one will say … by DAN GRAZIER The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee issued a severe blow to transparency and fiscal responsibility in May 2016. In a closed-door vote, the committee eliminated a requirement to disclose the development cost of the... Read more
A vigil to the victims of the Orlando Pulse massacre in Minnesota on June 12, 2016. Fibonacci Blue photo via Flickr We should not be surprised that religious extremism which condemns gays to death has led to a massacre by ROBERT BECKHUSEN My work means regular exposure to horror stories and... Read more
Chinese peacekeepers in Mali. MINUSMA photo Beijing learns that peacekeeping is dangerous by KEVIN KNODELL On May 31, a rocket attack in the Water Tower neighborhood of the Malian town of Gao struck Chinese peacekeepers. The attack killed 29-year-old First Sgt. Shen Lianlian and injured several of his fellow soldiers. A... Read more
A Black Hawk helicopter in Somalia, 1993. Rjones0856/Flickr photo Bringing Iraq — and my experience in Somalia — to the homeland by MARK WILKERSON Memorial Day is over. You had your barbecue. Now, you can stop thinking about America’s wars and the casualties from them for another year. As for me, I only wish... Read more
F-35. Lockheed Martin photo Senator changes position on military wish-lists by MANDY SMITHBERGER One of the many tools the U.S. Congress uses to add defense-industry goodies to spending bills are “wish list” letters from the military services, more formally known as “unfunded priorities lists.” These lists — which include tens of billions... Read more
An oil spill in the Niger Delta. Flickr photo But will Abuja honor its promise? by PETER DOERRIE Oil was first discovered in the Niger Delta in the 1950s and since exploitation began, crude has pretty much constantly spilled into the local ecosystem, ruining nature and livelihoods alike. A 2011 report by... Read more
Photo via Vice Motherboard Edward Snowden reveals another surveillance program by JOSEPH COX For years, and in secret, U.K. law enforcement agencies have had access to metadata collected by the country’s powerful signals intelligence agency GCHQ. The fact this power has only been revealed now raises serious questions about government transparency,... Read more
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