Tony Blair in 2013. Photo via Flickr The failures of the last decade’s powers-that-be reminds me to find solace in crude Scottish wordplay by MATTHEW GAULT The Middle East is on fire and the world wants someone to blame. In the United Kingdom, still reeling from Brexit and its political fallout, the... Read more
Putin playing it cool. Kremlin photo Putin’s approval rating is 83 percent despite various military excursions and a stagnant economy by MATTHEW GAULT In the West people tend to think of Russian president Vladimir Putin as a strongman dictator, a former KGB man who oppresses his people, censors the media and antagonizes... Read more
A group of orphans standing on a hill in Nimule, South Sudan prior to the current war. Sophie Beya photo Someone needs to take charge of a broken political system by PETER DOERRIE The world’s youngest country is also one of the most troubled. Almost exactly five years to the day... Read more
New York City on 9/11. Flickr photo A review of ‘The Global Village Myth’ by REED PEEPLES The protection of America itself will assume a high priority in a new century. Once a strategic afterthought, homeland defense has become an urgent duty. For most of our history, America felt safe behind two... Read more
A Tanzanian peacekeeper during an exercise in Darfur. U.N. photo The CIA pays political scientists to predict instability — and they’re usually right by CAMERON EVERS If the CIA had a crystal ball, then they would probably not be routinely blindsided by world events. Lacking such a device, the agency has endured notable analytical... Read more
Protesters gather in Dallas on Dec. 5, 2014. Andrew Moura/Flickr photo Police brutality in the city isn’t simple nor is it solved by MATTHEW GAULT Just before 9:00 p.m. on July 7, Micah Xavier Johnson fired on police officers officiating a Black Lives Matter rally as it wound through the heart... Read more
I’m afraid of Americans. Universal Studios capture Third time’s a charm for this B-movie horror franchise by MATTHEW GAULT A sensible compact car covered in strings of glaring Christmas-tree lights cruises down an abandoned city street. A younger, more innocent Miley Cyrus croons about a party in the USA … but it... Read more
Paul Manafort. NBC capture Paul Manafort doesn’t care who writes his checks by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN Even the most brutal dictators and the bloodiest warlords could benefit from having a friendly public-relations operative in Washington. Access to high-ranking officials goes a long way in the nation’s capital. There’s always somebody willing to... Read more
Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq in 2007. All photos via Wikipedia The charmed life of David Petraeus by NICK TURSE I ran into David Petraeus the other night. Or rather, I ran after him. It’s been more than a year since I first tried to connect with the retired four-star U.S. Army... Read more
Daesh daeshing it up. Photo via social media A sense of purpose can be intoxicating by MATTHEW GAULT Three men assaulted Istanbul’s Ataturk airport with AK-47s and suicide vests on June 28, killing 41 people and injuring 239 more. Islamic State has not claimed responsibility but Turkish officials believe the terror... Read more
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