¿Dónde atacará el Estado Islámico después de fracasar en Oriente Medio?
El Estado Islámico pronto dejará de existir como un ente territorial en Siria e Irak. A pesar de ello, el ISIS podría conservar su potencial para alterar el sistema internacional y eliminar las fronteras estatales, como hizo temporalmente en Siria e Irak. El Sur de Asia es la región... Read more
If Catalonia Declares Independence, It’s Going to Want a Military
Catalonia, the Spanish autonomous region at the center of a historic secession crisis, could declare independence in a matter of days. If it happens, Madrid will not recognize the breakaway state. It’s not clear if the European Union, which needs Spain’s permission, would allow Catalonia to remain a member.... Read more
The White House Could Inadvertently Goad North Korea Into Nuking the Pacific
The Trump administration may inadvertently be provoking North Korea into conducting a live-fire test of a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile. While it is clear that North Korea has both ballistic missile technology and a working hydrogen bomb, the U.S. State Department recently suggested in a tweet that Pyongyang does not... Read more
Donald Trump Flew to Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico to Heap Praise on … the F-35
U.S. president Donald Trump flew to Luis Muñiz Air National Guard Base in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on Oct. 3, 2017 to survey the damage from Hurricane Maria, which struck the island territory in late September 2017. Mid-way through a rambling, incoherent speech downplaying the disaster — which killed at... Read more
What ‘On Killing’ Can Teach Us About Mass Shootings
Open Road Media sponsored this article on July 13, 2016. Dave Grossman’s 1996 book On Killing is a landmark and studied account of how — and why — human beings have inhibitions toward killing others, and how the U.S. military turned its soldiers into far more lethal killers with intense conditioning following World War II.... Read more
What’s Driving Mass Shootings?
This story originally appeared on May 26, 2014. Roger Griffin of Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom is relatively little known in America, though he’s arguably one of the world’s most influential experts of 20th-century fascism. In recent years, he’s turned his attention to the study of modern... Read more
Imagine World War III Between America and China
This piece has been adapted and expanded from Alfred McCoy’s new book, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power. For the past 50 years, American leaders have been supremely confident that they could suffer military setbacks in places such as Cuba... Read more
The Hazards of Military Worship
This story originally appeared on May 15, 2017. More, more, more. I was guilty of it myself. Commanding a small cavalry troop of around 85 soldiers in southwest Kandahar Province back in 2011, I certainly wanted and requested more. More troopers, more Special Forces advisers, more Afghan police, more... Read more
Where Will Islamic State Strike After it Collapses in the Middle East?
Islamic State will soon cease to exist as a territorial entity in Syria and Iraq. Despite this, ISIS might retain its potential for upsetting the international system and deleting state borders, as it temporarily did in Syria and Iraq. South Asia is the region the group threatens the most.... Read more
Afghanistan Again

Afghanistan Again

WIB politics September 20, 2017 0

Here we go again! Years after most Americans forgot about the longest war this country ever fought, American soldiers are again being deployed to Afghanistan. For almost 16 years now, at the command of three presidents and a sadly forgettable succession of generals, they have gone round and round... Read more
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