Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte shakes hands with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on July 27, 2016. U.S. Department of State photo Rodrigo Duterte threatens to ‘break up’ with the United States by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN When it comes to the longstanding U.S.-Philippine alliance, the rhetoric coming out of Washington and Manila... Read more
YouTube capture On every major foreign-policy issue, Trump is dead wrong — and dangerously ignorant by MATTHEW GAULT The most telling moment of the third and final presidential debate on Oct. 19, 2016 came in its final moments. Moderator Chris Wallace, in front of a restrained crowd at the University of Nevada... Read more
A MOX worker inside the Mox Process Building. National Nuclear Security Administration photo Plus it’s terribly over budget, will never work and is now pointless after Russia pulled out of a major nuke treaty by LYDIA DENNETT Imagine you have a contractor working on your house. They quoted you a price... Read more
Trump at CPAC in 2013. Gage Skidmore photo via Flickr The Donald is a unique threat to American democracy by MATTHEW GAULT Words have meaning. When I called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a fascist in a recent article for War Is Boring, I meant it. I did not mean “dictatorial,”... Read more
YouTube capture Never go full fascist by MATTHEW GAULT Donald Trump, Republican candidate for president of the United States, is a fascist. During the second presidential debate in St. Louis, Trump advocated the jailing of his political opponent, kept his war plans secret, promised to bring law and order to the... Read more
The aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo Podcast — all the domestic extremism we’re not talking about by MATTHEW GAULT Domestic terrorism didn’t start or end with Timothy McVeigh. He killed 168 people and wounded more than 680 others by detonating a fertilizer bomb in front of... Read more
As far as we can tell, this penguin, native to the Falklands, does not own the Twitter account in question. Moonshiner69 photo via Flickr On the Internet, no one knows if you’re a penguin by MEAGHAN BEATLEY In an unlikely but fascinating geopolitical development, a giant troll has secured a spot center... Read more
A U.S. Air Force Minuteman III nuclear missile during a test-launch. Boeing photo Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton take a no-first-use pledge … on relevant information by ANDREW BACEVICH You may have missed it. Perhaps you dozed off. Or wandered into the kitchen to grab a snack. Or by that point in... Read more
Vice-presidential debate highlights the Republican schism by MATTHEW GAULT Vice-presidential hopefuls Tim Kaine and Mike Pence squared off at Longwood University in Farmville, Florida on Oct. 4, 2016. The men debated a range of topics — from Russia to abortion and religion. Their interaction was more conversational in tone than the recent... Read more
Protesters take photos and video with cell phones during Arab Spring protests in Egypt. Photo by Ramy Raoof via Wikimedia Commons Thousands of activists went through U.S.-sponsored training by DARIEN CAVANAUGH On Feb. 9, 2011 Voice of America, an international multimedia news outlet funded by the U.S. government, published... Read more
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