Gage Skidmore/Flickr photo We found out … how to find out by DAVID AXE & JOSEPH TREVITHICK We don’t know for sure what the U.S. intelligence community collectively thinks of president-elect Donald Trump. But thanks to an invaluable federal law, we do know how to find out. File a Freedom of Information... Read more
Comics about corruption in one of the world’s worst war zones, part one by ALEX DE WAAL & VICTOR NDULA This project was co-sponsored by Cartoon Movement, Justice and Security Research Program and the World Peace Foundation. Read more
‘Average Mohamed’ capture via YouTube ‘Average Mohamed’ Ahmed is working to counter jihadist propaganda by KEVIN KNODELL “I came to America with ideas in my head, and I got a chance to fulfill most of those ideas,” Mohamed Ahmed says. A Somali American and proud Minnesotan, he’s talking on the phone... Read more
Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. Kremlin photo Wait for the sequel by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Whether or not you believe the CIA’s claim that Russia hacked into the Democratic Party’s servers to help Donald Trump get elected — and you should be skeptical of anonymous sources — it should be blindingly obvious that we’re in the middle... Read more
It’s got a mall. David B. Gleason photo New report is just the tip of the bloated budget iceberg by MATTHEW GAULT Turns out you can audit the Pentagon’s budget. It’s just that the results are so ugly, the suits will bury the results. At least, that’s the popular story right now. In a... Read more
Russia’s ‘Yamal’ icebreaker cruising through the Arctic in 2009. Pink floyd88 a photo via Wikimedia commons Podcast — resources, control and power projection by MATTHEW GAULT In the summer of 2007, Russia planted a flag on the seabed of the North Pole. Russian state television covered the event as a submersible packed... Read more
Global News capture Publish, punish and pardon by PRATAP CHATTERJEE In less than seven weeks, Pres. Barack Obama will hand over the government to Donald Trump, including access to the White House, Air Force One and Camp David. Trump will also, of course, inherit the infamous nuclear codes, as well as... Read more
Jason Amerine. New American Foundation photo An op-ed by MANDY SMITHBERGER Military whistleblowers will soon have greatly expanded protections thanks to language included in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 fought for by the Project on Government Oversight and our bipartisan allies in civil society. The inclusion... Read more
Police deploying a water cannon at Standing Rock. Photo via Vice The Government Is Enforcing an Unconstitutional No-Fly Zone to Suppress Drone Journalism at Standing Rock The First Amendment is at stake by JASON KOEBLER In recent weeks, videos shot by Native American drone pilots have showed authorities launching percussion grenades from an... Read more
An F-18C over the carrier USS ‘Nimitz’ in 1996. U.S. Navy photo The Third Taiwan Strait Crisis demonstrates how bad little screw-ups can get by ROBERT BECKHUSEN More than 21 years ago, Taiwanese Pres. Lee Teng-hui visited the United States to give a speech at Cornell University. U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton,... Read more
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