Trump Aides and Russian Mobsters Pulled Strings in Putin’s Massive Ukraine Gas Scheme
Before Donald Trump was president or a candidate, and when he was hurting for investors as Wall Street had all but shut down loaning operations to him, his businesses established extensive ties to Russian oligarchs, including some allegedly affiliated with organized crime. At the same time, associates of Russian... Read more
One Congressman Suspects a Major Airplane Parts-Maker Is Screwing Over the Pentagon
In late March 2017, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives called on the Department of Defense Inspector General to investigate an aircraft parts supplier suspected of gouging the Pentagon for many years. Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat and a member of the House Armed Services Committee,... Read more
The CIA Allegedly Hacked Macs and iPhones — A Decade Ago
When WikiLeaks dumped a cache of hundreds of secret documents allegedly detailing the CIA’s hacking operations in early March 2017, Julian Assange promised that was just “less than one percent” of what the secret-spilling group had in its possession. On March 23, 2017, WikiLeaks released a new cache of... Read more
North Korea Pretends to Shoot Down a U.S. Bomber
North Korea released a propaganda video on March 21, 2017, just a day before the reclusive regime tried again to test a ballistic missile. The amateurish video depicts North Korean forces attacking the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, shooting down a U.S. Air Force B-1 bomber and,... Read more
Trump on the campaign trail in 2016. Max Goldberg photo Podcast — a historian of the CIA tells us exactly why that’s bad by HELEN COSTER Even before he took office, Donald Trump was denigrating the U.S. intelligence community — in large part because of its investigation into Russian influence on the presidential... Read more
Gen. Joseph Votel, U.S. Central Command chief, on April 29, 2016. U.S. Army photo U.S. Central Command’s imperial proconsul is a master at embellishing an empty strategy by ANDREW J. BACEVICH By way of explaining his eight failed marriages, the American bandleader Artie Shaw once remarked, “I am an... Read more
Trump Just Hired an Ignorant Paranoiac Who Invented a Special Bow for the Apocalypse
It took nearly two months for U.S. president Donald Trump to appoint a deputy secretary of the treasury, a crucial position tasked with day-to-day operations for the backbone of the U.S. financial system. Just three days into his administration, however, Trump hired one special assistant at the agency with... Read more
It’s not clear if this relates to the San Bernardino case by JOSEPH COX Cops are going to hack. As encryption and anonymity technologies continue to proliferate, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies increasingly use hacking tools to aid their investigations or identify criminals. With that in mind,... Read more
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Gen. Joseph Votel, chief of U.S. Central Command, and senior military leaders at MacDill Air Force Base in February 2017. U.S. Central Command photo How the invasion of Iraq returned home to the United States by TOM ENGELHARDT If you want to know... Read more
Soldados suecos se embarran un poco durante unas maniobras en Alemania en 2014. Foto del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense Los jóvenes suecos no quieren ser militares por ALBIN ARONSSON & BLAKE FRANKO El Gobierno sueco ha mantenido aletargado el servicio militar obligatorio desde 2010, pero finalmente se ha visto... Read more
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