North Korea continues missile testing despite U.S. calling for more talks
Kim Gamel and Yoo Kyong Chang Stars and Stripes North Korea fired two missiles into the sea on Saturday, South Korea’s military said, a blow to U.S hopes that the launches would stop and nuclear talks would resume after military exercises concluded earlier this week. It was the seventh... Read more
U.S. could suffer the most now that South Korea has stopped sharing military intelligence with Japan
Reiji Yoshida and Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo Seoul’s sudden announcement that it has decided to scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo has rocked the defense communities of Japan and the United States. Defense insiders in Tokyo interviewed Friday all said it is the South Korean military that... Read more
Marine veteran dropping out of Presidential race, will instead run for Congressional reelection
Shira Schoenberg The Republican, Springfield, Mass. U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts Democrat, plans to end his presidential campaign Friday morning in a speech at the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in San Francisco. “Though this campaign is not ending the way we hoped, I am leaving this race... Read more
South Korea ending intelligence sharing program with Japan
Jesse Johnson and Sakura Murakami Japan Times, Tokyo In a stunning move that could further upend already fraying ties between Japan and South Korea, Seoul on Thursday announced that it would scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo, with the South’s presidential Blue House saying in a statement that... Read more
Judge rules transgender people can sue the Pentagon over policy barring them from serving
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes A federal judge in Maryland ruled Tuesday that men and women barred from joining the military because of their transgender status can proceed with a lawsuit seeking to overturn a Pentagon policy blocking their service. U.S. District Judge George Russell ruled transgender men and... Read more
Taiwan beefing military budget to beat back China and the U.S. is more than willing to help
Taiwan is looking to buy several American F-16s to complement its military, an act aimed at showing the People’s Republic of China that it would resist any threats of invasion. A long-time ally of Taiwan, the United States is more than willing to sell a few of its top-tier... Read more
U.S. puts Russia, China, and North Korea on notice with cruise missile test, first in 30 years
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo The U.S. military has conducted a flight test of a type of missile banned for more than 30 years, under a treaty from which it bolted earlier this month, the Pentagon said Monday, in a move experts said was likely to have been closely... Read more
New Report: China could cripple the U.S. military in the Pacific “within hours” if war breaks out
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo China’s growing military power in Asia could have “dire consequences” for the U.S.-led regional order, according to a new report that says its powerful missile arsenal could embolden Beijing in the “near-term” to seize the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands and other territories in the Ryukyu... Read more
President Trump wants to buy Greenland for its resources & military position
dpa U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed interest in buying the entire island of Greenland “with varying degrees of seriousness,” The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The WSJ cited unnamed advisers as saying that the president asked White House counsels to “look into the idea” of purchasing the... Read more
U.K. releases seized Iranian tanker despite U.S. demands not to
An Iranian oil tanker seized by British Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar in July has been released, despite protests by the U.S. government. Suspected of violating E.U. sanctions regarding oil shipments to Syria, the ship -known as Grace 1- was seized by the U.K. and detained in... Read more
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