Comandos Sin Fronteras
A principios de junio de 2018, en un pequeño puesto militar cerca de la ciudad en ruinas de Jamaame, en Somalia, empezaron a escucharse disparos de armas portátiles mientras caían proyectiles de mortero. Cuando terminó el ataque, había un soldado somalí herido ─y si esa hubiera sido la única... Read more
‘Being Friendly to One Another’
Secretary of Defense James Mattis was recently honored with a Distinguished Service Award by The Center for the National Interest for the incredible work he has done, both in uniform and out, in the name of the United States. Upon receiving the reward, he delivered a short speech touting... Read more
The Pentagon’s Contracting Gurus Mismanaged Their Own Contracts
The Pentagon’s contracting gurus repeatedly made massive, preventable mistakes while managing contracts for a critical software project of their own, violating federal budget law along the way, according to scathing internal reports and other records obtained by the Project on Government Oversight. Ironically, the purpose of the mismanaged system... Read more
American Weapons Cause Chaos All Over the World
American weapons makers have dominated the global arms trade for decades. In any given year, they’ve accounted for somewhere between one-third and more than one-half the value of all international weapons sales. It’s hard to imagine things getting much worse — or better, if you happen to be an... Read more
The Stoner Arms-Dealer Is Back
In the summer of 2018, a federal administrative tribunal that presides over disputes between contractors and the government rendered a decision in a particularly noteworthy case involving overseas contingency operation contracts. At issue was the Pentagon’s decision over a decade ago to cancel contracts to supply weapons to the... Read more
In 2013, Fake News Claimed Barack Obama Tried to Nuke South Carolina
A U.S. nuclear bomb exploded off the South Carolina coast after U.S. military leaders refused an order by Pres. Barack Obama to destroy Charleston in a false-flag operation to create chaos in the United States, an apparently Russian-backed “newspaper” claimed on Oct. 12, 2013. Years before fake news planted... Read more
The Legacy of Infinite War
Raids by U.S. commandos in Afghanistan. I could be talking about 2001 or 2018. A U.S. drone strike in Yemen. I could be talking about 2002 or 2018. Missions by Green Berets in Iraq. I could be talking about 2003 or 2018. While so much about the “war on... Read more
Americans Don’t Understand Islam
Anti-Muslim activists in the United States were operating in a “post-truth era” and putting out “alternative facts” long before those phrases entered the language. For the last decade they have been spreading provable falsehoods through their well-organized network of publications and websites. A major theme of those falsehoods is... Read more
Will the Syrian Kurds Team Up with Bashar Al Assad Against Turkey?
The Syrian Kurds have announced they are willing to work with the Syrian regime against their remaining opponent – the jihadist Haya’t Tahrir Al Sham group, which currently controls the country’s northwestern province of Idlib – in return for Damascus’s help against the Turkish occupiers of the nearby Syrian... Read more
When the Kurdish Peshmerga Fights Like an Army, It Loses
The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria has helped to train the Kurdish Peshmerga militia to become better at urban operations and fighting on flat terrain against Islamic State, a clear departure from those old campaigns it waged from the mountains against the Iraqi army. The Peshmerga is closer... Read more
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