Kushner, other aids, head to Middle East this week to push Israeli-Palestinian peace deal
Tracy Wilkinson Los Angeles Times After numerous false starts, the Trump administration is finally preparing to unveil its long-promised Mideast peace plan in coming weeks, and initial indications suggest it is aimed at pleasing Israel while offering financial incentives to the Palestinians but no pathway to statehood, their primary... Read more
Iran tried to interfere in 2018 midterm elections, set up fake social media accounts
By Gopal Ratnam CQ-Roll Call Iranians posing as Americans set up fake accounts on social media platforms between April 2018 and March 2019 and espoused policy views on both sides of the U.S. political spectrum, in a replay of the Russian playbook from 2016, according a report by the... Read more
South Korea caught between two superpowers as U.S. & China battle over Huawei technology
Yeo Jun-Suk Asia News Network With the US government ramping up pressure on its allies to reject Huawei Technologies equipment for establishing 5G cellular networks, South Korea is struggling to come up with a response amid the escalating conflicts between the world’s two superpowers. The Trump administration has reportedly... Read more
North Korea calls Trump security advisor John Bolton a ‘warmonger’
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo North Korea has labeled U.S. national security adviser John Bolton a “warmonger” for saying that recent missile tests by the nuclear-armed country had violated U.N. sanctions, adding that giving up the test-firings would amount to relinquishing their right to self-defense, state-run media quoted the... Read more
Trump says North Korean missile test did not violate an international treaty, runs counter to top advisors
Chris Sommerfeldt New York Daily News President Trump gave North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un the benefit of the doubt Monday and claimed his isolated communist regime had not fired off ballistic missiles in violation of international treaties. Trump’s stunning denial, delivered at a press conference in Tokyo, puts... Read more
Japan offers to act as mediator between U.S. & Iran
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran on Tuesday welcomed Japan’s offer to act as a mediator with the US, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi calling a planned visit to Tehran by Japanese premier Shinzo Abe “a turning point.” Abe will meet Iranian President Hassan Rowhani in Tehran in June, though... Read more
Trump says U.S. isn’t looking for a ‘regime change’ in Iran, just doesn’t want the country to have nuclear weapons
By Noah Bierman Los Angeles Times The U.S. is “not looking for regime change” in Iran, President Donald Trump said Monday, distancing himself from the more bellicose views of some of his advisers amid a period of rising tensions. In recent weeks, the administration has dispatched an aircraft carrier... Read more
Presidential pardons of war criminals could complicate relationship with allies, harm commanders
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes Presidential pardons for American servicemembers convicted or accused of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, including the killing of unarmed enemy fighters, could undermine military leadership and might complicate the U.S. relationship with key allies, several military law experts said. Retired top military officers... Read more
North Korea says U.S. violated its sovereignty when it seized cargo ship
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea on Tuesday stepped up pressure on the U.S. to return a seized cargo ship accused of violating sanctions targeting the communist state’s nuclear weapons program. The North’s ambassador to the United Nations condemned the seizure of the ship dubbed the Wise Honest... Read more
Former Sec. Def. Mattis says UAE & US must maintain partnership to grow stability in Middle East
Khaleej Times, Dubai, United Arab Emirates The UAE and the US are bound by common interests and values and share similar views on a wide range of issues. The two countries share the same perception and face some common threats, and have managed to build a very strategic relationship... Read more
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