El mayor riesgo de una guerra en Europa se encuentra en los Países Bálticos
Desde 2014, la Alianza Atlántica (OTAN) ha reforzado sus posiciones en su flanco oriental en múltiples ocasiones para disuadir a Rusia. El objetivo de la Alianza consiste principalmente en cambiar el comportamiento de Rusia, pero ¿cómo mide uno los cambios de política de Moscú? La RAND Corporation publicó recientemente... Read more
How a Failed Drug War Will Defeat Trump’s Afghan Adventure
After nine months of confusion, chaos and cascading tweets, Donald Trump’s White House has finally made one thing crystal clear. The United States is staying in Afghanistan to fight and — so the administration insists — win. “The killers need to know they have nowhere to hide, that no... Read more
War Without War Powers
On Sept. 1, 1970, soon after Pres. Nixon expanded the Vietnam War by invading neighboring Cambodia, Democratic senator George McGovern, a decorated World War II veteran and future presidential candidate, took to the floor of the Senate and said, “Every senator is partly responsible for sending 50,000 young... Read more
It’s Time for a New War Vote
When U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Oct. 30, 2017, the United States had been at war for 16 years, one month and 16 days. The 107th Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military... Read more
Osama Bin Laden’s America
Honestly, if there’s an afterlife, then the soul of Osama Bin Laden, whose body was consigned to the waves by the U.S. Navy back in 2011, must be swimming happily with the dolphins and sharks. At the cost of the sort of spare change that Donald Trump recently offered... Read more
In a Verbal Battle With North Korea, the United States Loses
Since April 2017, relations between the United States and North Korea have been steadily deteriorating from their already low point. Today, we see a crisis between Pyongyang and Washington unlike any since the end of the Korean War. In recent months, both Pres. Donald Trump and North Korean supreme... Read more
Jet Fighter Influence
This story originally appeared on June 4, 2013. Sometime in the spring of 2012, Al Bunting received a message imploring him to publicly endorse America’s warplane of the future. Bunting, a retired senior Air Force officer and administrator for the tiny New Jersey coastal town of Sea Girt, was... Read more
U.S. Commandos Are a ‘Persistent Presence’ on Russia’s Doorstep
“They are very concerned about their adversary next door,” Gen. Raymond Thomas, the head of U.S. Special Operations Command, said at a national security conference in Aspen, Colorado in July 2017.  “They make no bones about it.” The “they” in question were various Eastern European and Baltic nations.  “Their... Read more
Donald Trump’s Nuclear Dreams
Preventing a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea may be the most pressing challenge facing the world right now. Our childish, ignorant and incompetent president is shoving all of us — especially the people of Asia — ever nearer to catastrophe. While North Korea probably hasn’t... Read more
How Can You Tell You’re About to Have a Civil War?
The Iraqi Kurd’s vote for independence in September 2017 sent shockwaves through the region. The day after the vote, the Iraqi military conducted a military exercise with Turkey. The government in Baghdad grounded international flights in and out of Kurdish Regional Government territory. And the Turkish government threatened to... Read more