The Wars No One Notices
I’m in my mid-30s, which means that, after the 9/11 attacks, when this country went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq in what President George W. Bush called the “Global War on Terror,” I was still in college. I remember taking part in a couple of campus antiwar demonstrations... Read more
The Strategy of Maximal Extraction
The new U.S. energy policy of the Trump era is, in some ways, the oldest energy policy on Earth. Every great power has sought to mobilize the energy resources at its command, whether those be slaves, wind-power, coal or oil, to further its hegemonic ambitions. What makes the Trumpian... Read more
The Militarized, Adaptable Cartel Spreading Across Mexico
This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The CJNG is expanding its presence and influence throughout Mexico. In each of the states where the group operates, it continues to successfully exploit its defining features: the flexibility to combine a military perspective with its historical criminal ties, a strategic commitment to... Read more
Follow the Russian Natural Gas
To make sense of Carter Page — an American oil consultant and former foreign-policy adviser to Donald Trump — you have to look at his proximity to Ukraine, Russia and some seemingly bizarre natural-gas deals. Back in the mid-2000s, future Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort set up shop in... Read more
The Trump Administration Wants a War America Cannot Win
Who knew that U.S. vice president Mike Pence would take a page out of activist athlete Colin Kaepernick’s playbook and refuse to stand for the host team’s entry at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Feb. 8, 2018? The games were being held in PyeongChang, Korea — and the... Read more
The U.S. Army Has a Handbook on Russian Hybrid Warfare
The U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group was formed in 2006 to identify gaps in U.S. military doctrine, equipment and field tactics, and to study how potential adversaries are developing tactics to exploit them. In 2017 the group released the 61-page Russian New Generation Warfare Handbook, based on observation of Russian... Read more
L’émergence d’un nouvel État au Yemen
Un nouveau pays commence à émerger du chaos et de la confusion dans la guerre civile yéménite. Le coup d’Etat à Aden fin janvier 2018 semble accélérer le processus. Le Yémen moderne trouve ses racines dans la période de 1990 à 1994, quand le Nord soutenu par les Saoudiens... Read more
Drug Wars, Missing Money and a Phantom $500 Million
2017 was a year of investigations for U.S. Africa Command. There was the investigation of the two-star commander of U.S. Army Africa who allegedly sent racy texts to an enlisted man’s wife. There was the investigation into the alleged killing of an Army Special Forces soldier by Navy SEALs... Read more
Spending More on the Military Doesn’t Make America Safer
On Feb. 7, 2018, the U.S. Senate reached a budget deal that would increase spending for the Pentagon and nuclear weapons to a mind-blowing $700 billion in 2018, while locking in an even higher figure for 2019. This would put the Pentagon budget at one of its highest levels... Read more
Donald Trump Puts China and Russia First
In his State of the Union address in January 2018, Pres. Donald Trump warned grimly of “rivals like China and Russia that challenge our interests, our economy and our values.” In response, he demanded that Congress give even more money to “our great military” and fund the growth and... Read more
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