U.S. taking wait and see approach as tensions between India & Pakistan remain high
Yashwant Raj Hindustan Times, New Delhi The US has been “monitoring closely” Pakistan’s use of American-made defense equipment in an air strike it carried out on Indian defense facilities on Wednesday disregarding appeals to avoid military actions that could exacerbate tensions and imperil its future arms purchases. Indian defense... Read more
Despite no nuclear deal with North Korea, U.S. ending large-scale military drills with South Korea
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un failed to reach an agreement on nuclear weapons Thursday, with Trump saying he had to “walk away” from a demand to lift economic sanctions in exchange for denuclearization. However, in a move that was... Read more
The World According to the ‘Adults in the Room’
Leave it to liberals to pin their hopes on the oddest things. In particular, they seemed to find post-Donald Trump solace in the strange combination of the two-year-old Robert Mueller investigation and the good judgment of certain Trump appointees, the proverbial “adults in the room.” Remember that crew? It... Read more
America Never Was Serious About Syria
Pres. Donald Trump announced on Dec. 19, 2018 that U.S. military forces would withdraw from Syria. The decision was justified, according to the president, by the defeat of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which is down to only a couple thousand combatants at most and possesses only a... Read more
Great Britain’s Future War Force
The British military is struggling to reorganize for a new cold war in Europe. A modest spending boost in 2018 could give planners some hope that budgetary shortfalls — a perennial problem for the U.K. armed forces — might not doom the effort. “After almost three decades of relative... Read more
The United States Quitting Syria Could Mean a Little Less War in the World
It’s rare when you can get hawkish Republican senators, media liberals, Islamic extremists, neoconservative pseudointellectuals, internet anarchists and retired military talking heads all on the same side, but U.S. president Donald Trump accomplished just that in late December 2018 in announcing the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. There... Read more
The Chinese Military Lacks Experience
The Chinese military has almost no combat experience, analyst Timothy Heath wrote for the California think-tank RAND. But that inexperience might not matter very much, Heath explained. “Today, China’s military has an increasingly impressive high-tech arsenal, but its ability to use these weapons and equipment remains unclear. There are... Read more
Yemen Is Dying. We’re Killing It
The U.S. Senate’s Dec. 12, 2018 vote to compel the Pentagon to end its support for Saudi Arabia’s war in the Republic of Yemen was extraordinary. First, it is rare that the top political leadership of the world’s foremost war-maker — the United States — takes action against ongoing... Read more
Our Man in Riyadh

Our Man in Riyadh

WIB politics November 28, 2018

What does Pres. Donald Trump’s recent nomination of retired Army general John Abizaid to become the next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia signify? Next to nothing — and arguably quite a lot. Abizaid’s proposed appointment is both a non-event and an opportunity not to be wasted. It means next... Read more
Americans Were Nearby as Cameroonian Troops Tortured People
As a brutal video depicting grave human-rights violations by Cameroonian security forces make its rounds, it again is time to ask — why does the United States continue to support Cameroonian forces despite repeated allegations of abuse? The question likely is going to grow only more urgent in coming... Read more
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