Canada ‘strongly opposed’ to possible plan for US troops along border
Photo: As the sign reads: mission essential only are allowed into Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York, March 20, 2020. New northern border restrictions between United States and Canada to close the border for non-essential travel are in effect to limit the COVID-19 outbreak across the country. However,... Read more
Judge says Missouri man accused of war crime can be extradited to Bosnia
ST. LOUIS — A federal judge has approved a request to extradite a St. Louis County man to Bosnia to face a war crime charge. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina says that Adem Kostjerevac raped a pregnant Serbian prisoner in 1992. He was indicted there in 2015, court... Read more
Putin signs new constitutional amendments making him Russian president for life
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a raft of amendments to the constitution including a stipulation to enable the Russian leader to seek re-election. The changes must be approved by the constitutional court in the next seven days before they are put to the... Read more
US launches strikes against Iran-backed group in Iraq after death of US service member
Baghdad/Washington (dpa) – The United States has conducted “defensive precision strikes” against facilities linked to the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq, the Pentagon has confirmed. The strikes came after two US and one British member of the military personnel were killed on Wednesday in a rocket attack on... Read more
Chinese officials claim the US Army created COVID-19
A Chinese government official accused the United States Army of being the source of the Wuhan Virus, playing into a popular local conspiracy theory that has been making its rounds around the country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zao Lijian stirred the pot on Twitter, commenting on a remark... Read more
House approves measure to limit President Trump’s war powers against Iran
WASHINGTON – The House approved a resolution Wednesday that would bar President Donald Trump from launching a military attack against Iran without explicit congressional authorization. The measure now goes to the White House, where Trump is expected to veto it. The president has said it would undermine U.S. security... Read more
U.S. & Taliban reach peace deal, troop withdrawal from Afghanistan expected to start
UPDATE: 8:54 a.m. According to the New York Times, the U.S. and Taliban have signed a peace deal that will see U.S. troops return to America as long as certain safety markers are met. The deal could still fall apart if the Taliban does not hold up its obligations,... Read more
Watchdog: Trump administration lacks strategy to fight Afghanistan’s dangerous heroin trade
WASHINGTON – The Trump administration says it’s on the brink of inking a deal with the Taliban that could pave the way for an end to America’s longest war. But despite the zeal to reach a political settlement with the militant Afghan group, the White House has neglected to... Read more
Raids across Turkey as prosecutors issue 695 warrants for coup links
Istanbul (dpa) – Turkish prosecutors issued warrants for 695 people, including serving soldiers, for their alleged links to a suspected 2016 coup mastermind, state news agency Anadolu reported on Tuesday. The suspects being sought in raids across the country include Justice Ministry workers, former and current soldiers, and former... Read more
Trump calls on Russia to stop supporting ‘atrocities’ in Syria
WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump has called on Russia to stop its support for what he called the Syrian government’s “atrocities” in the country’s conflict. In a statement released by the White House on Sunday, Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said that Trump, in a phone call with... Read more
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