Our Man in Riyadh

Our Man in Riyadh

WIB politics November 28, 2018

What does Pres. Donald Trump’s recent nomination of retired Army general John Abizaid to become the next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia signify? Next to nothing — and arguably quite a lot. Abizaid’s proposed appointment is both a non-event and an opportunity not to be wasted. It means next... Read more
Americans Were Nearby as Cameroonian Troops Tortured People
As a brutal video depicting grave human-rights violations by Cameroonian security forces make its rounds, it again is time to ask — why does the United States continue to support Cameroonian forces despite repeated allegations of abuse? The question likely is going to grow only more urgent in coming... Read more
The Trump Administration Is Militarizing the Whole Planet
American militarism has gone off the rails — and this middling career officer should have seen it coming. Earlier in this century, the U.S. military not surprisingly focused on counterinsurgency as it faced various indecisive and seemingly unending wars across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa. Back... Read more
Donald Trump’s Border Deployment Doesn’t Make American Safer
Journalists and human-rights advocates have begun asking when the U.S military will end its deployment of nearly 6,000 troops to the United States-Mexico border. The deployment began just prior to the Nov. 6, 2018 mid-term elections allegedly in response to the “threat” that a caravan of Central American refugees... Read more
There’s One Reason America Refuses to Hold Saudi Arabia Responsible for Murder
The apparent extrajudicial execution of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey on Oct. 2, 2018 seemed like a watershed moment in the protracted push to hold the autocratic, theocratic Saudi regime accountable. The moment seems to have passed. The recent U.S. elections have overshadowed the story, and neither... Read more
The Stories War Tells Me
I’m here in Chicago, 7,000 miles and 15 years away from Jalalabad, a desolate town in southwestern Afghanistan. Yet sometimes it seems to me as if it were yesterday, or even tomorrow, and anything but thousands of miles distant. There are moments when it feels like I never left... Read more
‘They Will Not Forgive Us’
It was only an announcement, but think of it as the beginning of a journey into Hell. In late October 2018, Pres. Donald Trump made public his decision to abrogate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a 1987 agreement with the Soviet Union. National Security Advisor John Bolton, a Cold... Read more
Brass Parachutes

Brass Parachutes

WIB politics November 7, 2018

Governments and corporations want to make sure their leaders and employees act in the best interest of the organization. The private sector has a number of tools for protecting itself from conflicts of interests or otherwise compromising confidential business information. Law firms have conflict-of-interest reviews, and it’s pro forma... Read more
It’s Unlikely Iran Will Stop Developing Missiles
Iran is continuing to develop increasingly long-range ballistic missiles — and is firing some shorter-range missiles in combat — despite demands from the U.S. government that the Islamic republic totally give up any weapons that could, in theory, carry a nuclear warhead. On Sept. 8 and Oct. 1, 2018,... Read more
Socializing America’s Defense Industry
Given his erratic behavior, from daily Twitter eruptions to upping his tally of lies by the hour, it’s hard to think of Donald Trump as a man with a plan. But in at least one area — reshaping the economy to serve the needs of the military-industrial complex —... Read more
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