U.S. puts Russia, China, and North Korea on notice with cruise missile test, first in 30 years
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo The U.S. military has conducted a flight test of a type of missile banned for more than 30 years, under a treaty from which it bolted earlier this month, the Pentagon said Monday, in a move experts said was likely to have been closely... Read more
New Report: China could cripple the U.S. military in the Pacific “within hours” if war breaks out
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo China’s growing military power in Asia could have “dire consequences” for the U.S.-led regional order, according to a new report that says its powerful missile arsenal could embolden Beijing in the “near-term” to seize the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands and other territories in the Ryukyu... Read more
President Trump wants to buy Greenland for its resources & military position
dpa U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed interest in buying the entire island of Greenland “with varying degrees of seriousness,” The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The WSJ cited unnamed advisers as saying that the president asked White House counsels to “look into the idea” of purchasing the... Read more
U.K. releases seized Iranian tanker despite U.S. demands not to
An Iranian oil tanker seized by British Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar in July has been released, despite protests by the U.S. government. Suspected of violating E.U. sanctions regarding oil shipments to Syria, the ship -known as Grace 1- was seized by the U.K. and detained in... Read more
Florida official: “Bad things can happen” during 2020 election if U.S. doesn’t do more
Anthony Man Sun Sentinel Broward Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci said Wednesday that a determined effort to hack elections — if it’s undertaken by the military of a significant foreign adversary — could prove successful. Antonacci said in an interview he was acknowledging the obvious reality, even though it’s... Read more
Military officials warn Congress that Russia & China could soon take over as the dominate powers in Africa
As China and Russia increase their respective influences in Africa, the United States is watching with a keen eye- and for good reason. The two traditional adversaries are setting up shop across the continent, creating issues for the United States, which has been operating in Africa for some time.... Read more
China blocks two U.S. Navy ships from docking in Hong Kong, blames U.S. for protests
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Chinese government has denied requests for two US Navy ships to visit Hong Kong, a US State Department official said Tuesday, as tensions escalated in the region. The two ships are the USS Green Bay, a transport ship, and the USS Lake Erie, a cruiser.... Read more
Radiation level at Russian nuclear test site 16 times higher than normal after blast
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Russian government said Tuesday that radiation levels around the site of a deadly nuclear accident at a military facility in the north-western port of Severodvinsk were up to 16 times higher than the norm, confirming widespread speculation. “In six of the eight points in Severodvinsk,... Read more
North Korea launches another missile as President Trump promises more talks
By Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea showed off another missile on Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump said he’s not worried about the recent spate of launches and raised hope for new nuclear talks with the communist state. The North’s state-run news agency reported that leader Kim... Read more
Trump wants South Korea to pay more to keep U.S. troops there
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo In a move likely to have implications for Japan, U.S. President Donald Trump claimed Wednesday that discussions have begun with South Korea to get the Asian ally to pay more for the cost of maintaining U.S. troops there. “South Korea has agreed to pay... Read more
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