China preparing to conduct an exercise which will simulate an assault on Taiwanese islands
The People’s Liberation Army is preparing for a gargantuan “training exercise” in the South China Sea, one designed to simulate the assault and takeover of Taiwanese island chains. No longer attempting to hide their future intentions, the Chinese Communist Party will be conducting their exercises via the Southern Theater... Read more
Back from the dead: Kim Jong Un seen in public after weeks of speculation that he had died
dpa, Hamburg, Germany North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has appeared in public for the first time in weeks, state news agency KCNA reported on Saturday, amid speculation that he may be sick or even dead. North Korean media ran photographs showing the leader apparently attending a ceremony marking... Read more
“No use for them”- Canada PM Trudeau bans 1,500 types of firearms in an instant
  Montreal (dpa) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday an immediate ban on 1,500 models and variants of certain military-style weapons that have been used in high-profile mass shootings in Canada and abroad. “These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest... Read more
Esper defers funds for projects countering Russia to fund US border wall
STUTTGART, Germany — Military projects primarily aimed at countering Russia, including upgrades to a U.S. Navy base in Spain, are among those being put on the backburner as the Pentagon shifts funds to pay for a border wall. Defense Secretary Mark Esper this week ordered $545 million in construction... Read more
Trump hints that he knows how North Korean leader is doing but won’t say
SEOUL, South Korea — President Donald Trump hinted that he knows how Kim Jong Un is doing amid speculation fueled by the North Korean leader’s absence from the public eye, but he wouldn’t elaborate. Trump was asked if he had any update on Kim’s health during a press conference... Read more
Coronavirus pandemic pushes US and China closer to cold war
WASHINGTON — The coronavirus pandemic, in an unexpected but potentially fateful twist, has moved the United States and China a big step closer to a new cold war. It has strengthened hard-liners in both countries, and political pressures stemming from the pandemic are making it harder for leaders to... Read more
Canada ‘strongly opposed’ to possible plan for US troops along border
Photo: As the sign reads: mission essential only are allowed into Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York, March 20, 2020. New northern border restrictions between United States and Canada to close the border for non-essential travel are in effect to limit the COVID-19 outbreak across the country. However,... Read more
Judge says Missouri man accused of war crime can be extradited to Bosnia
ST. LOUIS — A federal judge has approved a request to extradite a St. Louis County man to Bosnia to face a war crime charge. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina says that Adem Kostjerevac raped a pregnant Serbian prisoner in 1992. He was indicted there in 2015, court... Read more
Putin signs new constitutional amendments making him Russian president for life
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a raft of amendments to the constitution including a stipulation to enable the Russian leader to seek re-election. The changes must be approved by the constitutional court in the next seven days before they are put to the... Read more
US launches strikes against Iran-backed group in Iraq after death of US service member
Baghdad/Washington (dpa) – The United States has conducted “defensive precision strikes” against facilities linked to the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq, the Pentagon has confirmed. The strikes came after two US and one British member of the military personnel were killed on Wednesday in a rocket attack on... Read more
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