India circumvents potential US sanctions to obtain Russian-made S-400 missile defense system
The timeframe for the supply of S-400 missile defence systems by Russia to India remains on track with the latter having made the first payment of $850 million for the big-ticket defence deal worth more than $5 billion, people familiar with developments said on condition of anonymity. The payment,... Read more
Ahead of meeting with Trump, Erdogan threatened to buy Russian jets
As Turkish President Erdogan meets with US President Donald Trump today, he brings with him some aggravating news- the Turkish military might be flying Sukhois and MiGs in the near future. In what has already become a contentious relationship between the US and Turkey, the Turkish government has now... Read more
Islamic Jihad leader killed in Israeli strike as conflict escalates
Tel Aviv/Gaza (dpa) – Two senior Islamic Jihad leaders were targeted in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Syria on Tuesday, sparking one of the worst rounds of violence in the region in five years. Baha Abu Al Ata – the 42-year-old leader of the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing... Read more
Erdogan says US failed to implement Syria ceasefire deal
Istanbul (dpa) – The US has failed to fulfil an agreement last month to remove Syrian Kurdish militias from a border zone with Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. Speaking in Ankara before flying to Washington where he plans to meet US President Donald Trump on Wednesday,... Read more
Made in America. Dead in Mexico. The massacre of a family this week highlights ‘grave problem’ of gun smuggling
Like a rifle shot echoing in a canyon, the slaughter of nine women and children this week by suspected cartel members in Mexico has reemphasized the lethal role of U.S.-manufactured firearms in narco violence south of the border. The members of the LeBaron family – three women and six... Read more
Trump considering attending Putin’s military parade- Kamala Harris trolls him about ‘meeting supporters’
Nothing like a good old-fashioned display of Russian military might to get President Trump hyped. Out of the blue, Trump inexplicably floated the idea of accepting an invitation from President Vladimir Putin to attend the annual Victory Day parade in Red Square. “It’s a very big deal, celebrating the... Read more
A massacre in Mexico requires an American response. Here is what it should be

Like all Americans, we’re sickened by Monday’s brutal murder of three women and six children—almost certainly by members of a Mexican drug cartel—as they traveled by car along a highway near Bavispe in the state of Sonora, about 300 miles southwest of El Paso.

Read more
USAF officer says China brags about stealing US military tech, they call it “picking flowers in the US to make honey in China”

The Chinese are known for reverse-engineering, but the amount of theft of US technology has become such a problem that the DoD is openly denouncing the Middle Kingdom for its copycat ways.

Read more
Trump says he wants to keep Syria’s oil. Here’s the problem

The convoy of U.S. armored vehicles headed east, Stars and Stripes flapping in the wind as it lumbered toward its apparent destination — the oil fields of Rumeilan, in Syria’s far northeast.

Read more
Several march out during House VA committee debate on female veterans’ health bill
WASHINGTON — Several Republicans stormed out of a House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs hearing Tuesday after the panel’s Democratic chairman refused to allow them to introduce amendments to a health care bill for female veterans. “It’s frustrating and it angers me to think this is what this great committee... Read more
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