64 US troops suffered TBI’s from Iranian missile attack, as casualty total continues to balloon
  WASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Thursday that 64 American troops sustained mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of the Iranian missile strikes on two military bases in Iraq, once again revising how many service members were hurt in the Jan. 8 attack. “The diagnosis we have so... Read more
Marine special ops. ditching the M2 .50 cal. after 80 years of military use
Special Operations Marines are bidding farewell to the “Ma Deuce” .50-caliber machine gun, ending over 80 years of a long-lasting love affair for the gun in favor of something a little slimmer. The M2 machine gun is a fearsome beast that has been in service since the 1930s, and... Read more
Army cancels $45 billion Bradley replacement bidding after only one bid qualified
The M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle may live to see another day after the Army canceled a competition to replace it. The reasons for canceling the competition, however, were not because the Bradley is particularly good enough to continue serving- instead, there was only one bid submitted that met... Read more
Israel unveils ‘laser sword’ defense system to stop rockets and drones
The Israelis are working on a laser defense system to knock out enemy mortars and rockets, referring to the weapon as a “laser sword.” An add-on feature to help the surrounded nation’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system, and can be used no matter the weather conditions. The laser, which... Read more
Erdogan: Turkey to send troops to Libya upon Tripoli’s request
Istanbul (dpa) – Turkey will deploy troops to Libya upon the invitation of the UN-backed government in Tripoli, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday. A bill for deployment will be sent to parliament when it opens next month, he added. “Since now there is an invitation [from... Read more
Army wants to use soldiers’ boots to generate electricity
The US Army is investing over $16 million to generate electricity using the footsteps of Soldiers- and it could provide a much-needed weight reduction to troops on the ground. With more electronics finding their way into the loadouts of Soldiers, the need to charge items has become a widespread... Read more
Turkey says it will reciprocate if US imposes sanctions over S-400s
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavuoglu warned on Wednesday that Ankara will retaliate against possible US sanctions over its purchase of Russian missile defence systems. Cavusoglu suggested that Ankara denying US access to two military bases in Turkey would be among the options. “Incirlik will come, Kurecik will too come... Read more
CIA reveals the identity of a 4th spy who betrayed America during Cold War
The historians of the Central Intelligence agency have identified a fourth man who betrayed the United States at the tail end of World War II, passing on atomic secrets to the Communists in the Soviet Union. American electrical engineer Oscar Seborer now joins David Greenglass, Klaus Fuchs and Theodore... Read more
Houthi Rebels claim to have downed an Apache helicopter and a UAV
Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed two alleged surface-to-air victories in the past few days, including an American-made AH-64 Apache gunship and a Chinese-made UAV. While a propaganda windfall for the faction fighting against the Saudi military, it should be noted that both aircraft are also in the UAE’s... Read more
Army to use new “Chris H.” robots to disarm, and dispose of bombs
The US Army will soon have a new fleet of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) robots, and they go by a certain name: “Chris H.” Known as the Common Robotic System- Heavy (or “Chris H.” for short), the new robots will become a useful (albeit heavy) tool in the EOD... Read more
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