Turkey wants Russia to agree to a new ceasefire in Syria
Moscow (dpa) – Turkey wants Russia to agree to a new ceasefire for Syria’s Idlib region, near the Turkish border, as Europe braces for another wave of refugees from war-torn Syria. The most recent ceasefire, reached in January, collapsed as Syrian government forces backed by Russian air power have... Read more
South Korea reports biggest one-day jump in coronavirus cases so far
Seoul/Beijing (dpa) – South Korea reported its largest daily increase in coronavirus cases on Wednesday after 284 new infections were confirmed, bringing the total to 1,261 in the country. The majority of the cases are concentrated in the south-eastern city of Daegu, which has a population of around 2.5... Read more
Taliban kill six in Afghanistan during peace agreement with US
  Kabul (dpa) – Despite a general drop in attacks across Afghanistan at least six people have been killed and five others wounded in a Taliban attack in northern Balkh province on the third day of a week-long “reduction in violence,” local officials said. Taliban militants attacked a checkpoint... Read more
Haiti police and army square off in gun battle on first day of Carnival
  On the first day of Haiti’s pre-Lenten Carnival celebration, the country’s two armed forces squared off Sunday, with off-duty members of the Haiti National Police and their supporters exchanging gunfire for more than two hours with members of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s reconstituted army just steps away from... Read more
Watchdog: Trump administration lacks strategy to fight Afghanistan’s dangerous heroin trade
WASHINGTON – The Trump administration says it’s on the brink of inking a deal with the Taliban that could pave the way for an end to America’s longest war. But despite the zeal to reach a political settlement with the militant Afghan group, the White House has neglected to... Read more
Man faces 20 years for terrorist plot in Kansas City in support of ISIS
A 20-year sentence and lifetime supervision will deter Robert Lorenzo Hester, Jr. and others like him from from the “clarion call” of the Islamic State, federal prosecutors wrote in a memorandum seeking the maximum penalty for a Columbia man who pleaded guilty to aiding terrorists. In opposition to the... Read more
Army doubles original purchase of new Barrett sniper rifle
The US Army is excited for its new anti-personnel precision rifle, nearly doubling their orders. Budget documents show a new desire by the Army to obtain 536 additional Precision Sniper Rifles (PSR), nearly twice the original order of 357 previously placed. The Tennessee-made PSR, which is built by Barrett... Read more
Raids across Turkey as prosecutors issue 695 warrants for coup links
Istanbul (dpa) – Turkish prosecutors issued warrants for 695 people, including serving soldiers, for their alleged links to a suspected 2016 coup mastermind, state news agency Anadolu reported on Tuesday. The suspects being sought in raids across the country include Justice Ministry workers, former and current soldiers, and former... Read more
Trump calls on Russia to stop supporting ‘atrocities’ in Syria
WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump has called on Russia to stop its support for what he called the Syrian government’s “atrocities” in the country’s conflict. In a statement released by the White House on Sunday, Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said that Trump, in a phone call with... Read more
Taliban claims deal with US to be signed by end of February
Kabul (dpa) – An agreement between the Taliban and the United States will be signed by the end of February, the militia’s political spokesman based in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, told dpa on Monday. US and Taliban representatives have been holding talks aimed at finding a political solution to the... Read more
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