Ex-Nazi death squad member loses last Canadian citizenship appeal
Canada’s highest court refused to hear the appeal of an ex-Nazi death squad interpreter who had fought the federal government for a quarter of a century to keep his Canadian citizenship, in a decision reached on Thursday. The ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada clears the last hurdle... Read more
CIA reveals the identity of a 4th spy who betrayed America during Cold War
The historians of the Central Intelligence agency have identified a fourth man who betrayed the United States at the tail end of World War II, passing on atomic secrets to the Communists in the Soviet Union. American electrical engineer Oscar Seborer now joins David Greenglass, Klaus Fuchs and Theodore... Read more
Head of Japan aid agency returned home after he was executed in Afghanistan
The body of Tetsu Nakamura, a prominent physician from Japan who was killed in an attack in Afghanistan, has been handed over to the Japanese embassy in Kabul. Many Afghans have called on the government to provide Nakamura a state funeral and asked that the government start awarding an... Read more
Houthi Rebels claim to have downed an Apache helicopter and a UAV
Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed two alleged surface-to-air victories in the past few days, including an American-made AH-64 Apache gunship and a Chinese-made UAV. While a propaganda windfall for the faction fighting against the Saudi military, it should be noted that both aircraft are also in the UAE’s... Read more
Clashes in north-west Syria kill more than 90

About 96 people have died in north-western Syria during heavy battles in the last 48 hours, a war monitor reported on Monday.

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US will designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists, Trump says
US President Donald Trump said that he will designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists, claiming that they are to blame for 100,000 American deaths. “They will be designated,” Trump said in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, first streamed on the former Fox News personality’s website on Tuesday. “Look we... Read more
American woman pleads guilty to giving financial support to ISIS
Former Indiana resident Samantha Elhassani pleaded guilty Monday to providing financial support to ISIS. Elhassani, 33, was indicted in August 2018 on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and aiding and abetting others to provide material support to terrorists. However, in Monday’s plea deal, Elhassani pleaded... Read more
Syrian Turkish-backed rebels deny using German tanks
Syria’s Turkish-backed rebels on Wednesday denied reports that they had received from Ankara German-made tanks to use in battling Syrian Kurdish militias that Turkey regards as terrorists. The pro-Turkey self-styled opposition Syrian Transitional Government said in a statement on Wednesday that its affiliated rebel Syrian National Army (SNA) has... Read more
Russia calls for Kurds to join Syrian state military

Russia, the main military backer of Syria’s disputed government, called on beleaguered Kurdish militants to join the Syrian state military on Monday.

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Turkey to test controversial Russian-made S-400 missile system

Turkey is to test its controversial Russian-made S-400 missile defence system in Ankara Province, broadcaster CNN Turk reported on Monday, citing sources in the Turkish Defence Ministry.

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