M9 in action. Flickr photo The M17 is ambidextrous and modular by MATTHEW MOSS It’s been 32 years since the U.S. Army last adopted a major new sidearm. The last was the nine-by-19-millimeter Beretta 92F, which the Army redesignated M9 and issued by the hundreds of thousands. But the M9 was particularly... Read more
A Terrex rolls through a training area during an exercise. U.S. Army photo Complicated political moves couldn’t stop the singing by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN It’s not every day an armored vehicle gets its own song — and for that song to become a national sensation. But that’s what happened after the Hong Kong’s Customs... Read more
A German Wiesel with a TOW anti-tank missile. Bundeswehr photo ‘Tankettes’ were popular before World War II but they still have their uses by ROBERT BECKHUSEN In 1972, the German military embarked on a program to replace its lightweight and air-dropped Kraka quadbikes used to move paratroopers after they hit... Read more
A Turkish soldier poses with an MPT-76. Source The MPT-76 is replacing a whole bunch of old G3s by MATTHEW MOSS In the early 2000s the Turkish army began looking for a replacement rifle for its aging, locally manufactured 7.62-by-51-millimeter Heckler & Koch G3A7s. It was a difficult process that finally resulted in... Read more
A T-90S. Dmitry Terekhov photo via Flickr The T-90S borrows from the Armata by DAVE MAJUMDAR Russia is developing a new modernized version of the T-90 — the third major iteration of the long-serving main battle tank. Called the T-90M, the new tank will likely feature many of the technologies developed for Russia’s revolutionary T-14... Read more
The Bergmann pistol served Denmark for three decades by MATTHEW MOSS The Bergmann pistol belonged to a generation of early semi-automatic service sidearms that includes the C96, the Schwarzlose M1898, early Mannlicher pistols and the Luger P08. The pistol — named for industrialist Theodor Bergmann — certainly wasn’t the best in its class, mostly owing to... Read more
Blancos robot humanoides en Camp Pendleton en febrero de 2016. Foto del Cuerpo de Infantería de Marina de EE.UU. Los blancos robot humanoides arremeten contra los tiradores por ROBERT BECKHUSEN El problema de aprender a disparar con pistola o fusil en un campo/galería... Read more
U.S. and Canadian engineers pose for a photograph in front of an abati. NATO video capture Abatis are an ancient tactic by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Russia has lots of tanks. Lithuania has lots of trees. It’s not complicated. That’s why Canadian and American troops in Lithuania recently trained to block roads with... Read more
Armored vehicles, helicopter engines and lifesaving medical tech by JOSEPH TREVITHICK In 2014, having withdrawn from Iraq and looking to end its official combat mission in Afghanistan, the U.S. Army started to assess the impact of more than a decade of almost exclusively fighting insurgents and terrorists. In that time,... Read more
An Israeli Menatetz M-270 multiple rocket launcher. MathKnight & Zachi Evenor photo via Wikimedia The Israeli Air Force disapproves by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Israel’s government is considering a proposal from Avigdor Lieberman, the country’s hawkish defense minister, to supply the Army with hundreds of new, satellite-guided rockets and missiles. Israeli’s... Read more
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