A Kurdish soldier during a react-to-fire and chemical warfare exercise near Erbil, Iraq in September 2016. U.S. Army photo An offensive to retake the sprawling city will not be simple, but the terror group might have a harder time preventing it by ROBERT BECKHUSEN On Oct. 16, more than two... Read more
land5.56-millimeter IA2. Photo via Wikipedia 7.62-millimeter IA2 could complement 5.56-millimeter weapons by MATTHEW MOSS The Brazilian army got a new rifle in September 2015. The 5.56-by-45-millimeter weapon is part of the IA2 family of weapons developed by Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil — a.k.a. IMBEL. The 5.56-millimeter IA2 is replacing the... Read more
A KV-1 on display at the Bovington Tank Museum. Thy photo via Flickr Early failures forced the Soviets to adapt by ROBERT BECKHUSEN A day after the German blitzkrieg into the Soviet Union in June 1941, more than 200 Nazi tanks were powering through Lithuania on a race northward to Leningrad.... Read more
Infantes de marina estadounidenses con fusiles HK416. Foto del Ministerio de Defensa de Estados Unidos El fusil alemán HK416 sustituye al antiguo fusil francés FAMAS por MATTHEW MOSS En 2017 los militares franceses empezarán a recibir un fusil nuevo con el que sustituir el veterano fusil FAMAS. En septiembre de 2016 la... Read more
An M-1 tank fires its main gun during a training exercise in Romania. U.S. Army photo The U.S. Army doesn’t have the money, but that’s fine by DAVE MAJUMDAR The U.S. Army would develop next-generation replacements for its armored vehicles such as the M-1A2 Abrams main battle tank and the Bradley fighting... Read more
Troopers with Mexico’s military police. Office of the President of Mexico photo The number includes a third to half of all police in some high-crime states by MIKE LaSUSA A recent report has found that nearly one in ten of Mexico’s police officers may be unfit for service, underscoring how continuing... Read more
Un soldado lanza una granada de instrucción en Fort Harrison, Montana (EE.UU.). Foto de la Reserva del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense La ET-MP es un dos por uno, una granada de fragmentación-contusión (defensiva-ofensiva) por ROBERT BECKHUSEN La granada de mano constituye un arma de antaño pero para nada irrelevante.... Read more
Source Politics and price intervened by MATTHEW MOSS The Fusil Automatique Type 62 represented the culmination of a decade’s work by designers at France’s Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne, or MAS. Since the debut of the self-loading MAS-49/56, designers had been working on a suitable select-fire weapon. The result was the Type... Read more
Converted weapons would knock people over — or douse them in irritating chemicals by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Confronted with an angry mob outside a military base overseas, American troops set up a specially-modified automatic grenade launcher. Suddenly protest leaders come under assault by high-speed pulses of air. The barely-visible puffs knock some... Read more
Type 73 light machine gun. Source ‘Light,’ my ass — the Type 73 is heavy and complicated by MATTHEW MOSS Physically, North Korea’s Type 73 light machine gun resembles both the British Bren and the Russian PKM. The gas-operated, 7.62-by-54R-chambered Type 73 boasts a cyclic rate of 600 to 700 rounds per minute... Read more
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