US launches strikes against Iran-backed group in Iraq after death of US service member
Baghdad/Washington (dpa) – The United States has conducted “defensive precision strikes” against facilities linked to the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq, the Pentagon has confirmed. The strikes came after two US and one British member of the military personnel were killed on Wednesday in a rocket attack on... Read more
Turkey carried out unprecedented crackdown on free expression
DUBAI: The US State Department has released a report accusing Turkey of committing crimes against its people and restricting freedom of expression. The Department said in its report that Turkey restricted freedom of expression such as the press and the internet. The country had also used violence against journalists... Read more
Ukraine reports three soldiers killed by pro-Russian separatists, its biggest loss this year
Kiev (dpa) – The Ukrainian military reported on Wednesday that three of its soldiers had been killed by pro-Russian separatist forces, in the largest loss for the Ukrainian side this year. The Ukrainian military noted in a statement that the separatists had hit a truck with an anti-tank missile... Read more
US Army bans moves to new assignments, training trips for soldiers based in Italy
Photo:  Military spouses representing the Army, Navy, and Air Force branches traveled from northern and southern Italy to meet Karen Pence at the U.S. Embassy in Rome on Friday, Jan. 24, 2020. Pence emphasized the importance of their role in America’s strength. VICENZA, Italy — The Army has barred... Read more
Australia to sell retired F/A-18 Hornets to a company in US to play enemy aircraft during training
A Private Military Contracting company is about to get some much-needed near-peer teeth for their OPFOR training operation- and it comes in the form of some ex-Aussie “killer bees.” The Australian Air Force is selling around 46 of their aging F/A-18A and F/A-18B Hornets to Air USA, a PMC... Read more
Company in Texas making Syrian “Hell Cannons,” “Claymore Roombas”- and it’s all legal
A Texas-based group known as Ordnance Lab is constructing all the kinds of high-explosive DIY projects anyone could ever want- and it’s all legal. Ordnance Lab, which has access to the necessary licensing required to manufacture destructive devices, has urged its impressive social media following to hand them the... Read more
FBI arrests US linguist in Iraq for sending classified information to “love interest” with ties to terrorists
A Minnesotan working in Iraq on behalf of the U.S. military was charged Wednesday with turning over highly “sensitive classified national defense information” about informants to a foreign national with ties to the Hezbollah terror organization and putting their lives at risk. Lebanese-born Mariam T. Thompson, a one-time resident... Read more
Turkey accuses Greece of opening fire on migrants, killing one
Pazarkule, Turkey (dpa) – Turkey accused Greece of opening fire at migrants trying to cross the border, killing at least one, a charge that Athens dismissed as “fake news,” as worries grew that Europe was about to face a new version of a migration crisis it thought it had... Read more
Kim Jong Un’s sister condemns South Korea over missile comments
Seoul (dpa) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister has responded furiously on behalf of the country to the South Korean government’s criticism of its latest weapons tests. In her first official statement released outside North Korea, Kim Yo Jong accused the South Korean presidential office of hypocrisy... Read more
US to continue with draw-down plan; three dead in Afghan explosion
Washington/Kabul (dpa) – The United States will continue with its plans to draw down forces in Afghanistan, cautioning that there is no expectation in Washington of a total end to violence in the country, after three people were killed in explosion. US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper told reporters... Read more
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