U.S. Army says new complex would mirror secretive “Site 911” by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Over the course of his election campaign, president-elect Donald Trump went back and forth on the idea of making American allies — even Israel — give more in return for military aid. Until those policies actually take shape, the Pentagon looks... Read more
An LK II at the German Tank Museum in Munster. Huhu photo via Wikimedia Joseph Vollmer’s LK II wasn’t very good, but still a better idea than the A7V by ROBERT BECKHUSEN When the German army’s first domestically-built tanks rolled into combat in March 1918 at St. Quentin Canal, the... Read more
Soldiers test a new Carl Gustaf by ROBERT BECKHUSEN In 1946, two Swedes named Hugo Abramson and Harald Jentzen designed the Carl Gustaf, which at the time appeared to be just another recoilless rifle. Many of these weapons fell out of use in the following decades as anti-tank missiles took over.... Read more
A U.S. Marine Corps Abrams tank fires its main gun during a training exercise in 2016. Marine Corps photo Proposal follows years of strong military ties between Washington and Oslo by KEVIN KNODELL Dozens of U.S. Marines may soon be getting a new home in Norway. If the two countries finalize the... Read more
An Iraqi police officer with a KPV heavy machine gun. U.S. Army photo KPVs pose a threat to Iraqi troops and vehicles by ROBERT BECKHUSEN One of the more brutal weapons to see use on both sides of the war in Iraq is the KPV, a belt-fed heavy machine gun designed... Read more
Un infante de marina estadounidense lanza una granada durante unas prácticas. Foto de la Infantería de Marina estadounidense Los ingenieros del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense asumieron que si una persona podía lanzar una pelota también podría lanzar una bomba por JOSEPH TREVITHICK Probablemente casi todos estaremos de acuerdo en que... Read more
A Russian TOS-1A Buratino. Vitaly V. Kuzmin photo The Buratino is a terrifying weapon by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Iraqi troops fighting for Mosul’s outskirts have brought along one of their most fearsome weapons — the 60-ton, Russian-made TOS-1A Buratino. A photograph and tweet from the Jerusalem Post’s Seth Frantzman shows Iraqi troops posing... Read more
Fusil AKMS, modelo modificado del infame AK-47. Foto de Vitaly V. Kuzmin Los fusiles tipo AK persistirán en cualquier conflicto a lo largo de las próximas décadas porque son baratos, simples y fiables por BLAKE FRANKO Hace unos días combatientes del Ejército Libre Sirio (ELS) expulsaron de una... Read more
A U.S. Army M-109A6 self-propelled howitzer fires in Iraq. U.S. Army photo Boots are on the ground by JOSEPH TREVITHICK An Islamic State roadside bomb killed an American service member Oct. 20 somewhere in Northern Iraq, the Pentagon announced in a statement. The release did not say what unit the individual... Read more
A Kurdish soldier during a react-to-fire and chemical warfare exercise near Erbil, Iraq in September 2016. U.S. Army photo An offensive to retake the sprawling city will not be simple, but the terror group might have a harder time preventing it by ROBERT BECKHUSEN On Oct. 16, more than two... Read more
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