Paladin M109A7 PIM. U.S. Army photo Lack of fire suppression is one problem with the M109A7 Paladin by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The U.S. Army in the coming years will build hundreds of new mobile howitzers, and largely, the project has been a success. Except there will be a problem if the self-propelled... Read more
A scale model of the Maus with a human figure for scale. Photo illustration via Wikimedia The Maus was an enormous waste — and not the war-winning weapon the Nazis hoped it would be by ROBERT BECKHUSEN By the time the super-heavy Maus tank rolled out for its first tests in January... Read more
The Eitan armored personnel carrier. Israeli Ministry of Defense photo The Eitan is a response to deadly failures in Gaza by ROBERT BECKHUSEN On the morning of July 19, 2014, an M-113 armored vehicle belonging to the Israeli army’s Golani Brigade crept into one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in... Read more
The 999th in Korea. U.S. Army photo The 999th Armored Field Artillery fought through a bloody ambush by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN In April 1951 the African-American soldiers of the U.S. Army’s 999th Armored Field Artillery charged their ungainly self-propelled howitzers past a hundred Chinese infantry waiting in ambush. Thanks to the interviews of... Read more
Pripyat, Ukraine in 2006. Kadams1970 photo via Wikimedia Wildlife returns to the wasteland by BECKY FERREIRA The name “Chernobyl” has become synonymous with the eerie, urban ruins left in the wake of devastating nuclear fallout. But a new legacy has begun to blossom from the ashes of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone... Read more
‘Watch out! Do not expose your life to the elements.’ Miguel Angel Rodriguez photo via Flickr Migrants shift to less-traveled and more dangerous routes by DEBORAH BONELLO This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Criminal groups and corrupt officials are the main beneficiaries of a U.S. inspired shift in Mexico’s policy that... Read more
Carro de combate T-72 búlgaro. Foto del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense Redfish, con su sede en San Antonio (Texas, EE.UU.), es una empresa fuera de lo común por DAVE MAJUMDAR ¿Necesitas un sistema de defensa con misiles tierra-aire de diseño soviético para disuadir a tus vecinos? Si es así puedes acudir... Read more
A Bulgarian T-72. U.S. Army photo San Antonio-based Redfish is an unusual company by DAVE MAJUMDAR Do you need a Soviet-designed surface-to-air missile defense system to deter your neighbors? If so, a small U.S.-based arms broker named the Redfish Trading Company is offering to sell a complete Buk-MB — a Belarusian modification of the... Read more
Leclerc. Photo via Wikipedia High-tech vehicle finally sees combat by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN “So what do you think of France’s new super tank, the Leclerc?” a retired colonel in the French army’s logistical brigade jokingly asked me in 2002. “You know, the one we paid a fortune for and that we’ll... Read more
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