The Turkish Army Has Had These Howitzers For Over 50 Years
In February 2017, Turkish troops brought out tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery and more for an annual winter war game called Kış Tatbikatı. Among the various weapons on display on the snowy training grounds were mobile howitzers that Turkey has had in service for over 50 years. Between 1963... Read more
Hey Drivers, the U.S. Army Wants to Read Your Brain Waves
Imagine you’re a soldier driving for hours through a stretch of empty, dusty road. You’re wearing a helmet packed with sensors that record your brain’s electrical signals and sends them out into the ether for processing at a remote facility. Meanwhile, a team of military specialists is monitoring your... Read more
Turkey’s Arms Industry Expands at Home and Abroad
In January 2017, Turkey hosted British Prime Minister Theresa May. During her visit, among other things, she negotiated a deal worth more than £100 million to help build Turkey’s first indigenous jet fighter, the planned fifth-generation all-weather TFX air superiority jet. The plan would bring together Turkish Aerospace Industries — aka... Read more
An older Iranian Ghadr missile. Mahmood Hosseini/Tasnim News Agency photo Test timelines and public statements suggest a connection by DAVE MAJUMDAR On Feb. 2, 2017, in a tweet, Pres. Donald Trump put Iran “on notice” for testing a new ballistic missile. On Jan. 29, 2017, Tehran test fired what was thought... Read more
It’s a blunt lesson in chemical weapons being a very bad thing by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Syria’s brutal civil war has put the horrors of chemical weapons back on many people’s minds. But it’s still difficult to imagine the actual effects and scale of attacks with these terrible weapons. Just how much... Read more
British troops during an exercise in Poland in June 2016. U.S. Army photo Who will fight the United Kingdom’s wars? by KEVIN KNODELL The British military is one of the world’s most legendary fighting institutions. It enabled the British monarchy to become one of the world’s most powerful institutions, conquering huge... Read more
A T-15 turret in Moscow in May 2015. Vitaly V. Kuzmin photo Rarely seen, the T-16 is an armored recovery vehicle with teeth by DAVE MAJUMDAR A new version of Russia’s fearsome Armata series of combat vehicles has been spotted — the T-16 armored recovery vehicle. While the T-14 main battle tank variant and... Read more
M9 in action. Flickr photo The M17 is ambidextrous and modular by MATTHEW MOSS It’s been 32 years since the U.S. Army last adopted a major new sidearm. The last was the nine-by-19-millimeter Beretta 92F, which the Army redesignated M9 and issued by the hundreds of thousands. But the M9 was particularly... Read more
A Terrex rolls through a training area during an exercise. U.S. Army photo Complicated political moves couldn’t stop the singing by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN It’s not every day an armored vehicle gets its own song — and for that song to become a national sensation. But that’s what happened after the Hong Kong’s Customs... Read more
A German Wiesel with a TOW anti-tank missile. Bundeswehr photo ‘Tankettes’ were popular before World War II but they still have their uses by ROBERT BECKHUSEN In 1972, the German military embarked on a program to replace its lightweight and air-dropped Kraka quadbikes used to move paratroopers after they hit... Read more
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