Skulls at the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center. All photos by Adryel Talamantes Cambodia’s massacre sites are now tourism hotspots by ADRYEL TALAMANTES If not for Cambodia’s dark past, there would be no reason for anyone to visit the quiet fields south of Phnom Penh. A short tuk-tuk ride through the city’s... Read more
An Australian F-111 doing a ‘dump and burn’ in 2008. Allan Henderson/Flickr photo Aardvarks flew combat missions in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark was a low-altitude strike plane born out of a shotgun wedding between competing Air Force and Navy requirements — with Defense Secretary... Read more
Cold War film shows experiments with LSD and other chemical weapons by JOSEPH TREVITHICK “In laboratory experiments, a normal cat displays the normal hunter instinct toward a mouse,” a narrator explains in a droning monotone. Donned in a stereotypical white lab coat, the scientist locks the feline in a box... Read more
MiG-23BN serial 4136 was the first of two overhauled by technicians of the LNA/AF — with some help from Egypt. LNA/AF photo via Why did Libya add refueling probes to its swing-wing fighters? by ARNAUD DELALANDE & TOM COOPER On April 30, 2016, Capt. Adel Jihani of the Libyan National Army... Read more
U.S. Air Force photo. All other art via Wikipedia The GAU-8 is a fearsome shooter by MATTHEW MOSS General Electric’s 30-millimeter GAU-8 Avenger cannon has been the primary weapon of the U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-attack plane for more than 40 years. It also arms the Goalkeeper naval close-in... Read more
Captura de pantalla de la película ‘La Batalla por Sebastopol” La película “La Batalla por Sebastopol” resulta menos impactante que el tema del que trata por SEBASTIEN ROBLIN La película de 2015 La Batalla por Sebastopol refleja la verdadera historia sobre cómo Lyudmila Pavlichenko, una mujer sniper soviética que acabó... Read more
A MiG-17F in 2005. Robert Lawton/Wikimedia photo Col. Nguyen Tomb was the conflict’s most lethal dogfighter, if he even existed by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN Col. Nguyen Tomb — or “Toon” — is one of the names immortalized in military aviation, like Baron von Richthofen and Eddie Rickenbacker. I first encountered Tomb when I was 10... Read more
‘Culloden.’ BBC capture Peter Watkins’ 1964 docudrama was ahead of its time by MATTHEW GAULT British soldiers in service to the Duke of Cumberland crest a hill and follow the beat of a drum. “Wednesday April 16, 1746,” a dry-toned narrator states. “This is the advanced battalion of an English government army... Read more
The battleship USS ‘Iowa’ as it refuels from the frigate USS ‘Halyburton’ in 1985. U.S. Navy photo Massive costs killed the mighty vessels by ROBERT FARLEY With World War II finished, the U.S. Navy faced a huge dilemma — what to do with the massive fleet of ships that it had constructed to defeat... Read more
An F-106 fighter launches a non-nuclear Genie training rocket. Air Force photo Hill-Genies could have helped pilots blast anti-aircraft gunners by JOSEPH TREVITHICK American pilots dodged deadly anti-aircraft guns and missiles throughout the Vietnam War. To deal with these and other threats, the U.S. Air Force built various cluster bombs,... Read more
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