Matthew Moss photo John James Moss and his timepiece survived World War II by MATTHEW MOSS In 2005, when I was still in high school, I interviewed my then-86-year-old late grandfather John James Moss about his experiences during World War II. He joined the British Army in 1940 at the age of 20... Read more
Louis Chauchat with his Model 1911 machine rifle They made do with Chauchat-Sutter machine rifles by MATTHEW MOSS In 1914 and 1915 French airmen, desperate for an effective weapon against enemy planes, began equipping their aircraft with a forebearer of the famous CSRG M1915 “Chauchat” automatic rifle. Between 1903 and 1909, Louis... Read more
Source Bullpup machine gun proved to be unreliable by MATTHEW MOSS In 1970, the British Army began to develop its next generation of infantry small arms. The Enfield Weapon System project aimed to produce a five-millimeter bullpup rifle and a light machine gun. The Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield got... Read more
Compromised and de-facto obsolete as soon as it entered service — an Su-27SM of the Russian air force. NATO release Meet Adolf Georgievich Tolkachev by TOM COOPER In March 1986, U.S. Navy aviators out-flew, out-maneuvered and jammed the Libyan Arab Air Force so badly that the Libyans stopped flying their interceptors over the... Read more
B-17s. U.S. Air Force photo B-17s were powerful … and imprecise by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN Allied troops spent six bloody weeks stuck in dense hedgerows of Normandy after the D-Day landings, fighting the German Wehrmacht one cow pasture at a time. U.S. Army general Omar Bradley cooked up a plan to break... Read more
The MiG-21F-13 — serial number 534 — as it was shown to the international press a few weeks after Redfa flew it to Israel on Aug. 16, 1966. Tom Cooper Collection photo Operation Diamond was a deadly honey trap by TOM COOPER It’s been 50 years since one of biggest — and most hyped — operational achievements by Mossad,... Read more
An M10 tank-destroyer in action near St. Lo in June 1944 Lightly-armored and heavily-armed, tank-destroyers proved effective against panzers by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN During the 1940s, the U.S. Army developed a special weapon to counter the tanks of the German Wehrmacht. Most of these vehicles had the hull of a Sherman tank... Read more
Photo via Vice Motherboard North Carolina’s coast offers up war wrecks by SARAH EMERSON Two years ago, archaeologists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, discovered something incredible at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Just off the coast of North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras, a sunken German U-boat had been... Read more Desert War Weapons Are the Highlight of the New ‘Battlefield 1’ Trailer Mostly-authentic shotguns, rifles, submachine guns and pistols by MATTHEW MOSS This new trailer for EA’s Battlefield 1 — a World War I shooter due for release in October 2016 — focuses on the game’s Middle East setting and showcases some interesting and authentic-seeming... Read more
‘First at Vicksburg.’ Illustration via the U.S. Army Center of Military History From Yorktown to Midway by ROBERT FARLEY Is there an American way of war? The question evokes deep controversy, not least because for a very long time, Americans considered themselves an exceptionally peaceful nation. Even into the 20th century, American... Read more
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