Japanese-American children during the internment. U.S. National Archives photo Trump camp cites a black spot from history to justify new bad ideas by KEVIN KNODELL “We did it during World War II with Japanese, which you know, call it what you will, may be wrong,” Trump surrogate Carl Higbie told Fox News... Read more
Capt. Yu Xu, one of China’s first female fighter pilots. Xinhua photo Capt. Yu Xu was one of the first combat pilots in a long history of women in Chinese military aviation by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN On the morning of Nov. 12, J-10 fighters from China’s prestigious Ba Yi Air Demonstration Team... Read more
A Soviet ‘November-class’ submarine. Photo via Wikimedia The rescue operation ended in death by ROBERT FARLEY The Bay of Biscay is one of the world’s great submarine graveyards. In late World War II, British and American aircraft sank nearly 70 German U-boats in the bay, which joined a handful of Allied... Read more
A Panzerfaust warhead. GrizzleStudios photo via Flickr British armor met anti-tank weapons at close range in Gheel by ROBERT BECKHUSEN To Allied tank crews during World War II, the Panzerfaust was one of the German army’s deadliest weapons behind the static 88-millimeter cannon, the rocket-propelled Panzerschreck and — most of all — other tanks. The shoulder-launched... Read more
Source The L-39 weighed 109 pounds by MATTHEW MOSS The mammoth Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle, designed by Aimo Lahti — Finland’s greatest gun-designer — served Finland well during the 1940s. The 20-millimeter, semi-automatic anti-tank rifle’s barrel alone was 51.2 inches long, and the overall weapon weighed a staggering 109 pounds. Through the 1930s, the Finnish military... Read more
B-17s unload over Germany in March 1945. U.S. Air Force photo Bombers blasted the Hell out of Pantelleria by JAMES STEVENSON In the years after World War I, the brain trust of the U.S. Army evolved two conflicting opinions on how best to apply air power in the next war. The... Read more
Jeep del SAS en Alemania en 1944. Foto del Ejército británico La operación militar realizada en 1944 demostró la importancia de las operaciones especiales por ROBERT BECKHUSEN La invasión en 1944 de la Francia ocupada por los alemanes por parte de los Aliados Occidentales comenzó con el mayor asalto... Read more
Rebuilt U.S. Army ammunition gave pilots extra firepower, fast by JOSEPH TREVITHICK In October 1970, American AC-119G Shadow gunships headed out to strike communist insurgents in South Vietnam and Cambodia. This time, the portly aircraft had a surprise — fast-firing miniguns loaded with specially-made incendiary bullets. More than a year earlier,... Read more
Drip rifle Troops rigged weapons to fire on their own by MATTHEW MOSS On Jan. 9, 1916, the disastrous Gallipoli campaign came to an end with the successful evacuation of the surviving Allied troops. The campaign had begun on April 15, 1915 and lasted eight months with no real gains for... Read more
An LK II at the German Tank Museum in Munster. Huhu photo via Wikimedia Joseph Vollmer’s LK II wasn’t very good, but still a better idea than the A7V by ROBERT BECKHUSEN When the German army’s first domestically-built tanks rolled into combat in March 1918 at St. Quentin Canal, the... Read more
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