An A-12 Avenger concept. U.S. Navy illustration Some were pretty awesome— but others failed for good reason by ROBERT FARLEY Weapons die for all kinds of different reasons. Sometimes they happen at the wrong time, either in the midst of defense austerity, or with the wrong constellation of personnel. Sometimes they... Read more
Colt Junior. Source This vest-pocket pistol overcame economic and legal obstacles by MATTHEW MOSS In the early 20th century, Colt peddled a line of vest-pocket pistols developed by John Browning. The Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Hammerless proved extremely popular, moving 400,000 units between 1908 and 1941. After World War II, Colt... Read more
Aleister versus Adolf. Dark Horse capture Podcast — the only occult Nazi story you’ll ever need by MATTHEW GAULT Every weekend the History Channel runs hours of programming about the occult history of World War II. According to wild rumors and speculative historians, Adolf Hitler invaded Austria not to unite ethnic Germans into a... Read more
An F-117 refuels from a tanker. U.S. Air Force photo And the United States encouraged that thinking by PAUL IDDON Even before his regime invaded and annexed the oil-rich sheikdom of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein clearly feared the possibility of a retaliatory Anglo-American nuclear attack on Iraq. And... Read more
Pre-delivery photograph of three Meteor F.Mk 8s in Syrian markings. Photo via Tom Cooper Hafez Al Assad was an aviator before he was a regime leader by TOM COOPER It’s no secret that Hafez Al Assad, the military ruler of Syria from 1970 to 2000 and the father of current regime leader... Read more
Source But the weapon couldn’t beat the STEN by MATTHEW MOSS In April 1944, the British General Staff issued a set of specifications for all future machine carbines, a.k.a. submachine guns. In order to be considered for adoption, the weapon must weigh less than six pounds unloaded, fire 600 rounds per... Read more
The second-generation Sterling never got past the prototype stage by MATTHEW MOSS In 1965, the Sterling Armaments Company developed a new version of its successful submachine gun. The S11 represents the company’s effort to modernize the reliable Sterling submachine gun and compete with the new Heckler & Koch MP5. While George... Read more
A MiG-17 with a festive paint job in Madrid, Spain. Andrea photo via Flickr After weeks of clashes, war between the two nuclear powers seemed right around the corner by ROBERT FARLEY Americans tend to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis as the most dangerous moment in Cold War brinkmanship. Despite some tense... Read more
An Iraqi pilot with the MiG-25PD that Lt. Dawoud flew on the night of Jan. 17, 1991. A.T. photo via Tom Cooper MiG-25 flier Zuhair Dawoud exercised admirable discipline by TOM COOPER On the morning of Jan. 17, 1991 — the first night of Operation Desert Storm — the U.S. Navy suffered its first loss... Read more
The .32 ACP Owen Gun. Australian War Memorial photo The Owen Gun first appeared in .32 ACP by MATTHEW MOSS Australia’s Owen Machine Carbine was one of the most reliable and effective submachine guns of World War II. It’s not widely known that developer Evelyn Owen chambered an early prototype of the carbine in .32... Read more
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