Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Kurt Bauschardt photo via Flickr Archived plans show how close neighbors prepared for war by MATTHEW GAULT War Is Boring published an earlier version of this story on Oct 28, 2013. A cold and bitter enemy looms along the northern border of the United States. More than just a wellspring... Read more
The Redeye just wasn’t ready enough for government work by JOSEPH TREVITHICK As long as there’s been shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, the U.S. government has considered giving them to rebels. American commanders in the Pacific even once suggested pouring the weapons into Southeast Asia. In 1958, the U.S. Army started... Read more
The fist lightened Mk. I prototype. Source But the British military wasn’t interested by MATTHEW MOSS In 1940 the British military successfully tested a new submachine gun from the Sterling Armaments Company. Developed by George Lanchester, the Lanchester Machine Carbine was a loose copy of Germany’s Bergman MP28. The Royal Navy... Read more
Source Princess Mary raised a huge sum of money for the gift tins by MATTHEW MOSS On Oct. 14, 1914, Great Britain’s Princess Mary launched a campaign to send all British and Imperial troops a small present for Christmas. The Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift Fund quickly became the commonwealth’s most popular... Read more
Eliot Stein photo The tiny island country has claimed hundreds of American military aircraft by ELIOT STEIN This story originally appeared on May 10, 2016. With 272,000 views, it was our second-most-popular story of the year. On a chilly afternoon in 1973, Eyrún Sæmundsdóttir was knitting a wool sweater in her bedroom when... Read more
General Electric’s modified M-61 cannon sticks out the side of a UH-1B. U.S. Army photo via Ray Wilhite It never worked by JOSEPH TREVITHICK A some point during the Vietnam War, a U.S. Army specialist named David drew up a plan to give UH-1 Huey helicopters more firepower. During the conflict,... Read more
A war-time taxi in an exhibit. Wikimedia photo But they were better at building morale than turning the tide of battle by MATTHEW GAULT It was Sept. 6, 1914 and the German army was only 30 miles east of Paris. The Germans thought the Great War would be fast, short and... Read more
The Supermarine Nighthawk. Unknown source A young designer who later built the Spitfire learned a few lessons by ROBERT BECKHUSEN World War I produced some truly ungainly aircraft designs. The Supermarine Nighthawk was one of the weirdest looking of all, and had the peculiar purpose of shooting down zeppelins — though it never... Read more
The Bonus Army fights with D.C. police. National Archives photo The White House wanted thousands of angry former soldiers gone by MATTHEW GAULT Every generation of soldiers has problems, but most haven’t left the military only to later be attacked by it. But that’s what happened to thousands of veterans who served... Read more
Nock Gun. Source The seven-barrel weapon was supposed to help Royal Marines to defend their vessels by MATTHEW MOSS In 1779, James Wilson present a design for a seven-barrel volley gun to the British government’s Board of Ordnance. The board decided that the gun, while of no use to the British Army,... Read more
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