A reenactor roleplays as a Waffen S.S. soldier. Contando Estreles photo via Flickr In reality, there wasn’t much difference by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Spend enough time on military history forums or keep up with battlefield reenactors, and you will surely notice a lingering fascination with the Waffen S.S. This, suffice to... Read more
‘The Battle of Tanga’ by Martin Frost. Illustration via Wikimedia The Battle of Tanga is a lesson in military failure by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The remote African theater of World War I was overshadowed by the vastly greater devastation that tore Europe apart in 1914. Yet the war in Africa ravaged... Read more
None of the proposals panned out by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Oct. 5, 1968, U.S. Air Force HH-3E Jolly Green Giants raced to aid a U.S. Army reconnaissance team pinned down somewhere in southeast Asia. One helicopter tried to land and get the troops on board, but guerrillas chased it off... Read more
A Mirage F.1CR. Yvon Goutx photo With a patrol plane as bait, fighter jets targeted radar sites by TOM COOPER & ARNAUD DELALANDE In 1983 and 1984, France intervened in the war between Chad and Libya. Paris’ Operation Manta established a “red line” along the 15th parallel — a blocking position meant to... Read more
Piecing together fragments of the past, 72 years later by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Jack Beckhusen, my grandfather, died 17 years ago at the age of 84. He hadn’t been in great shape, and a lifetime of drinking and smoking took away his voice. But I remember as a boy, shortly before he... Read more
Talk about an accident waiting to happen by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Since World War I, trucks have been an essential military tool to help move critical supplies and gear around the battlefield. But especially in wars where there are no front lines, the unarmored cargo haulers are prime targets for ambushes.... Read more
Polish revolutionary Jozef Bem on a 10 złoty note of a type issued in 1950. Plarem photo via Wikimedia Józef Bem fought for Polish and Hungarian independence before converting to Islam and joining the Ottoman Empire by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN Defeated radicals plotting revolution from exile. Poles opposing Russian influence in... Read more
Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Kurt Bauschardt photo via Flickr Archived plans show how close neighbors prepared for war by MATTHEW GAULT War Is Boring published an earlier version of this story on Oct 28, 2013. A cold and bitter enemy looms along the northern border of the United States. More than just a wellspring... Read more
The Redeye just wasn’t ready enough for government work by JOSEPH TREVITHICK As long as there’s been shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, the U.S. government has considered giving them to rebels. American commanders in the Pacific even once suggested pouring the weapons into Southeast Asia. In 1958, the U.S. Army started... Read more
The fist lightened Mk. I prototype. Source But the British military wasn’t interested by MATTHEW MOSS In 1940 the British military successfully tested a new submachine gun from the Sterling Armaments Company. Developed by George Lanchester, the Lanchester Machine Carbine was a loose copy of Germany’s Bergman MP28. The Royal Navy... Read more
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