Army pilot took out Nazis and their tanks by strapping bazookas to his plane

Sometimes in life, you’re not given the cards you would have hoped for. Be it poor decisions along the way, circumstances beyond your control or just bum luck, people rarely come into any situation with everything going exactly the way they want it.

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Wounded soldier single handedly kills 6 soldiers, captures two and uses their bodies as bullet sponges

In this world, some men are born for certain roles in life, seemingly crafted for a career or to answer the call of destiny when the time arises.

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High school teacher blames local heroin overdose on war in Afghanistan

Another local kid overdosed. I say kid, even though he was in his 30s, but I still think of him as he was in high school.

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Missing WWII submarine found after 75 years off the coast of Okinawa

A long-missing World War II-era US Navy Submarine has been found- and its long disappearance is due to a translation error.

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Sentenced to death – Saddam Hussein found guilty of war crimes on this day in 2006
On Nov. 5, 2006, dictator Saddam Hussein was found guilty of the murder of 148 people in Dujail, north of Baghdad, and sentenced to death by hanging. On that day, according to the New York Times, “Spontaneous celebrations broke out across Iraq in spite of an around-the-clock curfew imposed... Read more
This Naval aviator was a cowboy maverick of legendary fame
It takes an incredible amount of intestinal fortitude to take off from the deck of a ship, and a little more to land on a pitching deck. No matter how hard a Naval Aviator might be, trying to land on that same pitching deck in the middle of a... Read more
36 years ago the US Special Operations conducted its largest mission ever

In the pre-dawn hours of October 25, 1983, the US Military was mobilized to carry out combat operations.

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The Pacific Alamo: The tiny island the U.S. defended for 15 days at the start of WWII
Americans are naturally defiant people that idolize the act of the courageous “last stand.” From the Alamo to the “Lost Battalion” of The Great War, the American warfighter has been praised in folklore and historical record for taking on battles with little chance of victory or survival. In the... Read more
Thunder on the Mountain: The tragic and bizarre mystery of a missing A-10 Warthog and its pilot
It’s a fact of life- sometimes people just vanish. Be it due to the acts of others, forces of nature, or more personal choices but many individuals have simply “disappeared off the radar,” which leaves more questions than answers. Sometimes, those people vanish with a $45 million dollar aircraft... Read more
China’s American Hero: How a renegade pilot won the hearts of Shanghai
Heroism is often the word used to describe extraordinary feats of bravery displayed in an otherwise bleak situation, and often it comes down to the right person being in the right place at the right time. As a teenaged expatriate living in Shanghai, my home was not but a... Read more
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