CIA used this device for pilots to hide an escape radio in case of capture
The CIA has come up with some strange and creative ways to hide things, and one prototype is no exception. Created by the Central Intelligence Agency’s former chief of disguises, the “scrotum concealment device” featured a hairy prosthetic scrotum that could be placed over the real thing, allowing pilots... Read more
Baby boomers grew up fearing nuclear war. Now we fear something too small to see
As a kid, growing up in the 1960s, I feared death from above: the A-bomb’s immense, blinding flash, its mushroom cloud. Nights during the Cuban missile crisis, I sat in bed, ear pressed to the window as I tried to gauge the height of planes overhead because I imagined... Read more
Army dentist earned the Medal of Honor after being shot 76 times while fighting to the death
While people generally don’t think of healthcare providers as warriors, there is no doubt that many serving in the US military are ready, willing, and able to add exceptions of their rule to “do no harm.” When push comes to shove in the heat of battle, unlikely heroes can... Read more
75 years after Iwo Jima, a 95-year-old vet says “I’m not a hero… I was just one of the boys”
Eddie Vincek is a survivor. He’s made it to 95. Still stands tall, with remarkably few ailments. Still lives with his wife in their longtime house in rural Chesapeake, where he putters around the flower beds of their 4-acre yard. Seventy-five years ago, Vincek beat some other odds —... Read more
After failing training, an Army PFC stole a helo and landed it at the White House
Some men handle rejection in different ways, be it the ending of a relationship or being cut off at the past when it comes to trying to forge their own future. In such trying times, some men give up, some soldier on, and others just snap. Robert Kenneth Preston... Read more
A ship vanished near the Bermuda Triangle 94 years ago. Researchers say they’ve found it.
  Researches believe they have discovered the fate of the SS Cotopaxi, which disappeared without a trace of wreckage after leaving Charleston, South Carolina in 1925, carrying a cargo of coal and a crew of 32. The ship was bound for Havana, Cuba, and vanished near the area popularly... Read more
CIA psychologist says he threatened to kill 9/11 plotter’s son
A CIA psychologist testified here Monday that he told self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, that if there was another attack on America, he would kill Mohammed’s son. James Mitchell, who designed, oversaw and often carried out the harsh interrogation program in the CIA’s secret black-site prisons, said... Read more
Navy names aircraft carrier for Dorie Miller, black sailor and unlikely Pearl Harbor hero
WASHINGTON — The Navy plans to name its newest supercarrier for World War II icon Doris “Dorie” Miller, the mess attendant from Waco who became a surprise hero of Pearl Harbor when he manned a machine gun that he and other black sailors had been excluded from using. Acting... Read more
‘1917’ review: World War I tale captures a realistic, riveting race across enemy lines

At the heart of Sam Mendes’ World War I movie “1917” is a beautiful trick: a brilliant feat of camera work (by legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins) that causes us…

Read more
British admit they were barely taught the history of American revolutionary war in school
To the United States, the number “1776” is an iconic one that conjures memories of revolution, defiance, and freedom. For the British, however, 1776 is just another year in the history of an Empire that couldn’t last. While this might come as a surprise for the Americans across the... Read more
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