Peacekeepers Failed to Stop a Horrific Assault on Aid Workers in South Sudan
South Sudan was supposed to continue implementing its peace accord in early July, but starting on July 7, government and opposition forces clashed in the capital Juba, continuing a civil war that started in 2013. Now the Associated Press has published the harrowing account of a July 11 attack on... Read more
Photo via Vice Motherboard Militants reverse years of progress by ANKITA RAO Until mid-August 2016, Nigeria had been applauded as a global health success story for polio-eradication efforts. The West African country had gone two years without any new cases of polio, which meant only two countries were left to potentially... Read more
Tu-22M-3. Wikimedia Commons photo Tehran violates its own constitution to admit Russian forces by TOM COOPER On Aug. 15, 2016, six graceful Tupolev Tu-22M-3 bombers from the 6950 Air Base of the Russian Airspace Force — the VKS — landed at the Nojeh Air Base, a.k.a. Tactical Fighter Base 3 or TFB.3, outside Hamadan in west-central... Read more
Aftermath of the Karrada bomb. Photo via Wikipedia The terrible blast killed in unusual ways by ANDRES PEREZ On July 3, 2016, Islamic State carried out its deadliest attack ever when it employed a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device — a VBIED — against crowds of people along a busy street in Karrada, Iraq. The attack claimed... Read more
Islamic State fighters in a propaganda image. A lazy media narrative that lumps every two-bit terror group together is not helping defeat the group’s associates by ANHVINH DOANVO The global string of attacks linked to the Islamic State has broadened the counter-terrorism debate over the past two years. To hear... Read more
Emma Coronel. Univision capture / photos below via InSight Crime Mixing with crime bosses often ends in death or arrest by DAVID GAGNE & LUIS FERNANDO ALONSO This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The recent murder of a beauty pageant director in Mexico draws attention to the long history of star-crossed romantic... Read more
A Philippine army soldier. U.S. Navy photo A nexus of nomadic militants, propaganda and criminal organizations pose a threat by KEVIN KNODELL The Philippine military is embarking in a “shock and awe” campaign in its fight with Islamist militants. The move comes not long after Indonesia asked the new Philippine government — headed by... Read more

The Race to Aleppo

WIB front August 11, 2016 0

As usual in such cases, the reaction of loyalist and Russian air force commanders to opposition success was to unleash fighter-bombers for attacks on densely-populated towns under insurgent and jihadist control. The latest tragic example is bombardment of Idlib City by thermite-filled incendiary cluster bomb units on Aug. 9,... Read more
Planning and strikes predate recent requests by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Aug. 1, U.S. Air Force drones and U.S. Marine Corps helicopter gunships attacked Islamic State fighters near Sirte, Libya. With the air strikes, the Pentagon opened up its latest front in the war against the brutal terrorist group. Washington stressed... Read more
No, she never waterboarded anybody by KEVIN KNODELL & BLUE DELLIQUANTI Read more
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