Project to train vetted rebels relies on secretive infrastructure throughout the region by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Aug. 18, the U.S. Air Force scrambled F-22 stealth fighters to protect American commandos near the city of Hasaka in northeastern Syria. When the jets returned to the area on Aug. 19, the mission... Read more
Victims of the sarin attack in Ghouta, Syria, in August 2013. All photos via Wikipedia unless otherwise noted Chlorine gas attacks escalate by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN Near midnight on Aug. 1, 2016, residents of the town of Saraqib, Syria heard a helicopter flying overhead. Saraqib, a Sunni-majority town located in war-torn... Read more
Assab airport. Google Earth image Satellite imagery underscores Paris’ role in the under-reported conflict by CHRIS BIGGERS Satellite imagery suggests that French war materiel, if not French personnel, is supporting the Saudi-led war in Yemen. If confirmed, it represents a previously unreported escalation of French support. The satellite imagery, some of which... Read more
Regime warplanes bombing Kurds and nearby U.S. troops turned around when Raptors arrived by ROBERT BECKHUSEN When Syrian warplanes bombed Kurdish fighters around the city of Hasaka on Thursday, their bombs came so close that U.S. commandos feared for their lives. The special operations troops were there assisting the Syrian-Kurdish... Read more
Bomb components discovered in Guatemala intended for the assassination of a prison official. Photo via InSight Crime Attacks leave authorities scratching their heads This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. When a small explosive device was detonated remotely in a bus in Guatemala this past March, authorities were alarmed. Then gang leaders... Read more
An Iraqi artifact which smugglers attempted to get into the United States. U.S Department of Homeland Security photo Daesh loots ancient sites for profit — and the stolen artifacts wind up on the collector’s market by MATTHEW GAULT The Islamic State makes millions of dollars selling looted artifacts on the black market. A... Read more
Peacekeepers Failed to Stop a Horrific Assault on Aid Workers in South Sudan
South Sudan was supposed to continue implementing its peace accord in early July, but starting on July 7, government and opposition forces clashed in the capital Juba, continuing a civil war that started in 2013. Now the Associated Press has published the harrowing account of a July 11 attack on... Read more
Photo via Vice Motherboard Militants reverse years of progress by ANKITA RAO Until mid-August 2016, Nigeria had been applauded as a global health success story for polio-eradication efforts. The West African country had gone two years without any new cases of polio, which meant only two countries were left to potentially... Read more
Tu-22M-3. Wikimedia Commons photo Tehran violates its own constitution to admit Russian forces by TOM COOPER On Aug. 15, 2016, six graceful Tupolev Tu-22M-3 bombers from the 6950 Air Base of the Russian Airspace Force — the VKS — landed at the Nojeh Air Base, a.k.a. Tactical Fighter Base 3 or TFB.3, outside Hamadan in west-central... Read more
Aftermath of the Karrada bomb. Photo via Wikipedia The terrible blast killed in unusual ways by ANDRES PEREZ On July 3, 2016, Islamic State carried out its deadliest attack ever when it employed a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device — a VBIED — against crowds of people along a busy street in Karrada, Iraq. The attack claimed... Read more
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