Bedouin volunteers for a Sunni-led anti-ISIS militia dance after a day of training. Matt Cetti-Roberts photo But relations between neighbors remain difficult by KEVIN KNODELL Arabs in the Iraqi-Syrian border town of Rabia are enlisting in the peshmerga — the armed paramilitaries of Iraq’s Kurdish region — in a move which could bolster America’s... Read more
Peruvian air force A-37s. Photo via Wikipedia Aerial interdiction has cost innocent lives by RODRIGO UGARTE On April 20, 2001, Peruvian security forces, with CIA help, shot down a small floatplane over the Amazon near the Brazilian border. American missionary Veronica Bowers and her infant daughter died in the attack. Having filed... Read more
Three ministers of defense who met in Tehran on June 9, 2016 —from left to right, General of the Army Sergey Kuzhugetovic Shoygu from Russia, Col.-Gen. Fahd Jassem Al Freij from Syria and Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan from Iran. Iranian National T.V. capture Each country is waging its own war... Read more
Mexican troops on parade in 2009. Jubilo/Flickr photo Cartels diversify supply of firearms by DEBORAH BONELLO This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Nearly 13,000 guns have been lost or stolen from Mexico’s public security agencies over the last 10 years, according to a recent report, a telling reminder that the country’s... Read more
Chinese peacekeepers in Mali. MINUSMA photo Beijing learns that peacekeeping is dangerous by KEVIN KNODELL On May 31, a rocket attack in the Water Tower neighborhood of the Malian town of Gao struck Chinese peacekeepers. The attack killed 29-year-old First Sgt. Shen Lianlian and injured several of his fellow soldiers. A... Read more
The Mosul Dam. Benedetta Argentieri/War Is Boring photo U.S. officials have warned a collapse of the Mosul Dam is inevitable without urgent repairs, but work is moving slowly by BENEDETTA ARGENTIERI May 19, 2016 was a good day for Mohsen Hassan, deputy director of the Mosul Dam in Iraq. The sun... Read more
Sister Cinta Mutisya, principal at the school from Kenya. Nuba Reports screen capture For the second time in a year, St. Vincent Primary School has come under attack by Sudanese warplanes by NUBA REPORTS The Sudanese government continues to target children in the ongoing conflict in the Nuba Mountains. On Wednesday... Read more
SPLM-N rebels in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Nuba Reports photo Time is running out for planters in the Nuba Mountains by NUBA REPORTS Nuba Reports has published an article and film in Foreign Policy detailing this fighting season. Intense fighting persists in key locations in the Nuba Mountains, with ongoing near-daily aerial bombardments... Read more
What’s Left of the Syrian Arab Army?
The general impression is that the Syrian Arab Army remains the largest military force involved in the Syrian Civil War, and that — together with the so-called National Defense Forces — it remains the dominant military service under the control of government of Pres. Bashar Al Assad. Media that are at least sympathetic to... Read more
A Thrush firefighting plane. Photo via Wikipedia user Hustvedt The mercenary entrepreneur is probably wrong about the market for private warplanes by PETER DOERRIE You probably remember Blackwater, the notorious U.S. mercenary company that rose to fame — or infamy, as it were — during the Iraq war. You might also remember Erik Prince, a... Read more
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