An American officer goes over an item check list with AMISOM troops during a supply delivery on Sept. 12, 2016. U.S. Air Force photo U.S., British and E.U. support critical to AMISOM’s operations by KEVIN KNODELL On Sept. 12, 2016, a detachment of American troops landed in Somalia. It was a... Read more
‘The First Sting,’ by Stuart Brown. Donated to the CIA, the painting shows Afghan Mujaheddin using American singer missiles to down Soviet helicopters. Image via Wikimedia Commons You don’t change Afghanistan — Afghanistan changes you by MATTHEW GAULT Americans should study Russia and understand both how badly the United States failed to rebuild... Read more
Vice Motherboard art Don’t trust dark-web salespeople by JOSEPH COX The FBI has arrested a Houston man who allegedly tried to purchase explosives from the dark web, according to court documents unsealed in the Southern District of Texas on Sept. 19, 2016. Cary Lee Ogborn, 50, is charged with attempting to... Read more
Blowing up chemical weapons from the air is still hard by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Sept. 13, Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, the top U.S. Air Force officer in charge of operations in the Middle East, announced that American jets — including deadly A-10 ground-attackers and lumbering B-52 bombers — had blown up a giant chemical... Read more
An A-10 Warthog during a mission over Southwest Asia. U.S. Air Force photo Attack on soldiers inside a regime enclave is air power gone terribly awry by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The American air strike on the Syrian army, killing 62 soldiers and wounding 100 more according to the Russian defense ministry, is... Read more
An opium poppy after harvest. Laughlin Elkind photo via Flickr Fungus outbreak fuels U.S. heroin epidemic by MICHAEL LOHMULLER This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Falling coffee production in Mexico’s Guerrero state, in part due to a devastating plant fungus, has reportedly contributed to rising poppy cultivation, in turn facilitating the... Read more
1st Lt. Katie Blanchard during her commissioning ceremony. PLU photo Savage attack on Army nurse galvanizes support by KEVIN KNODELL On Sept. 7, Clifford Currie assaulted his supervisor, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Katie Ann Blanchard, at Munson Army Health Center in Kansas, according to the FBI. That’s the legal definition of what... Read more
A Peruvian Hind helicopter. Peruvian Ministry of Defense photo There are other ways — and routes — to smuggle cocaine by DAVID GAGNE This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The destruction of nearly two dozen clandestine airstrips in central Peru suggests aerial drug traffickers are migrating away from the country’s main hub for cocaine production in... Read more
Russian TOS-1 thermobaric rockets land on a target range. Vitaly V. Kuzmin photo Five of the Kremlin’s advantages from cyber to drones by ROBERT FARLEY The smoldering conflict in Ukraine’s eastern provinces has now gone on for more than two years. Although an uneasy status quo has settled on the region, skirmishes... Read more
A fighter in South Sudan. Photo via Wikipedia Don’t get your hopes up by PETER DOERRIE The U.N. Security Council on Sept. 14 held consultations on South Sudan’s ongoing crisis. Violence escalated considerably in July 2016, when elements of the army attacked civilians and opposition forces in the capital Juba, despite... Read more
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