Hide and seek: Quantum radar finds enemy planes without giving away position
Quantum radar may be the future of detection systems, but it’s not the end of stealth as we know it. Using entangled microwaves, researchers at Austria’s Institute of Science and Technology can now give more detailed information based on a radar signature. This action is known as quantum entanglement, which... Read more
U.S. could suffer the most now that South Korea has stopped sharing military intelligence with Japan
Reiji Yoshida and Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo Seoul’s sudden announcement that it has decided to scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo has rocked the defense communities of Japan and the United States. Defense insiders in Tokyo interviewed Friday all said it is the South Korean military that... Read more
Pentagon puts Boeing $1 billion “kill vehicle” contract to death
By Roxana Tiron Bloomberg News The Pentagon canceled a Boeing Co. contract for a “kill vehicle” envisioned to shoot down missiles from North Korea or Iran, the latest setback to a next-generation system that has struggled to prove its effectiveness. The termination of the Redesigned Kill Vehicle comes as... Read more
Soldiers patrolling U.S. southern border now being given medals
Troops deploying to the American southwest in order to protect U.S. sovereignty during a mass illegal migration crisis will receive medals for their efforts. The Pentagon has authorized the Armed Forces Service Medal for thousands of U.S. service members who have deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border.  For the last... Read more
New Report: China could cripple the U.S. military in the Pacific “within hours” if war breaks out
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo China’s growing military power in Asia could have “dire consequences” for the U.S.-led regional order, according to a new report that says its powerful missile arsenal could embolden Beijing in the “near-term” to seize the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands and other territories in the Ryukyu... Read more
U.S. military now needs permission from Iraqi PM before it can provide air support to ground troops
dpa, Hamburg, Germany All military planes will need authorization from Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Abdel-Mahdi to fly in Iraqi airspace, a statement said on Thursday, days after an explosion took place at a weapons depot in Baghdad. Iraqi or non-Iraqi reconnaissance flights, fighter jets, helicopters and drones must get... Read more
Army announces more deployments, sending two brigades to Afghanistan & Europe
Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes Army units from Texas, Georgia and New York are deploying to Europe and Afghanistan later in the year, according to an Army announcement Friday. The 10th Mountain Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade from Fort Drum, N.Y., and the newly activated 3rd Security Force Assistance... Read more
Bahrain strengthens defense with purchase of Patriot missile system from U.S.
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes Bahrain has signed an agreement to purchase the Patriot air and missile defense system, putting it in line with other Persian Gulf nations partnered with the U.S. amid ongoing tensions in the region with Iran. Bahrain will purchase the system from the U.S. Army,... Read more
Security expert: U.S. will move more soldiers to South Pacific to counter Chinese activity
Seth Robson Stars and Stripes Concerns about Chinese efforts to build influence in the South Pacific will likely spur more exercises like one involving the U.S. Army in Fiji this month, according to a regional security expert. One hundred and fifty troops from Company B, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry... Read more
U.S. adding to its missile defense system by buying ‘iron dome’
The U.S. Army is taking a step in the right direction when it comes to shooting down a cruise missile by purchasing the proven American-Israeli Iron Dome system. A joint development between America’s Raytheon and Israel’s Rafael, the missile defense system -which is partially built in the United States-... Read more
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