An Emirati Air Tractor flying over Ganfouda on Nov. 12, 2016, minutes before carrying out an air strike. BRSC photo UAE warplanes are killing civilians in Benghazi by ARNAUD DELALANDE Twice in November 2016, the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council, or BRSC — a group with ties to Al Qaeda — published photos of United Arab... Read more
Police deploying a water cannon at Standing Rock. Photo via Vice The Government Is Enforcing an Unconstitutional No-Fly Zone to Suppress Drone Journalism at Standing Rock The First Amendment is at stake by JASON KOEBLER In recent weeks, videos shot by Native American drone pilots have showed authorities launching percussion grenades from an... Read more
Soldiers in El Salvador. Office of the President of El Salvador photo Lack of security leads to ‘The Extermination’ by DAVID GAGNE This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Numerous sources told Al Jazeera that the authorities’ inability to reduce crime in El Salvador has contributed to the rise of a shadowy... Read more
Este antiguo cañón dispara en una guerra del siglo XXI. Captura de pantalla del vídeo de la Legión Al Rahman Por lo que parece dispara balas de cañón por ROBERT BECKHUSEN En un vídeo difundido por la Legión Al Rahman, un grupo rebelde sirio que opera en la parte oriental de... Read more
A captured M-1 Abrams tank. Islamic State propaganda capture Decoy vehicles have a long pedigree by ROBERT BECKHUSEN As Iraqi troops began overrunning Islamic State positions in and around Mosul in fall 2016, a curious sight appeared — wooden dummy tanks and fake Humvees stored inside a building. More recent imagery appeared... Read more
Destroyed tanks in Azaz, Syria. Christiaan Triebert photo Podcast — the plan may be moot after Jan. 20 by ARSHAD MOHAMMED The United States should prepare to use greater military power and covert action in Syria to help forge a political settlement to end the country’s civil war, according to a bipartisan report released... Read more
Iraqi troops during the Mosul offensive on Nov. 3, 2016. VOA photo Losses are heavy by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Iraqi troops have taken 23 neighborhoods in eastern Mosul and are approaching the Tigris river, which bisects the city in half. But the Islamic State still has most of the city under its... Read more
Type 73s appear on battlefields from Iraq to Yemen by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Between February and March 2016, Australian and French sailors in the Arabian Sea seized small ships — or dhows — smuggling weapons, most likely to militants in Somalia and Yemen. These caches aboard the dhows included examples of one particularly rare firearm,... Read more
Specialized Canadian squadron likes to keep a low profile by JOSEPH TREVITHICK For five months in 2016, anyone who looked up in northern Iraq might have caught a glimpse of three odd, dark blue helicopters flying around. From a distance, these choppers would have looked a lot like civilian aircraft,... Read more
All photos — White Helmets The Syrian regime is systematically targeting hospitals by NORMA COSTELLO The last OB/GYN in besieged East Aleppo was forced to work underground after her hospital was targeted by air strikes. “They bombed our hospital two times in three days,” Dr. Farida told Al Jazeera from her ad hoc hospital... Read more
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