A pair of recently-overhauled Mi-25s of the SyAAF — serial numbers 2820, left, and 2830 — during a military exercise in late 2011. Syrian Ministry of Defense photo Aging helicopters attack indiscriminately by TOM COOPER For three weeks starting in early June 2016, the Damascus suburb of Darayya was exposed to merciless aerial bombardment carried... Read more
A Colombian commando shoots from a building during the Fuerzas Comando competition in May 2016. U.S. Special Operations photo New groups could seize the FARC’s guns, drugs and territory by JEREMY MCDERMOTT This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The Colombian government and rebels of the FARC laid out their... Read more
U.S. and Cameroonian infantry during an exercise in Gabon on June 21, 2016. DoD photo AFRICOM clams up after commander peddles contradictory statements to Congress by NICK TURSE Gen. David Rodriguez might be a modern military celebrity — if he hadn’t spent his career ducking the spotlight. After graduating from West Point in 1976,... Read more
A fishing boat goes kaboom. Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries photo Here’s one way to stop poachers by ROBERT BECKHUSEN An Indonesian navy corvette fired on a Chinese fishing boat on June 17, forcing back an expedition by a dozen intruding vessels near the Natuna Islands. The Indonesian... Read more
A hospital in Aleppo. Photo via Wikipedia But cutaneous leishmaniasis is not a threat to Europe by BRYSON MASSE The images of cutaneous leishmaniasis are striking. The tenor of its coverage, more so. Faces of Syrian refugees with terrible boils and bubbling skin lead headlines that claim there is an imminent... Read more
La Tuna, Mexico. Digital Globe imagery Mountain assault violates a taboo by LUIS FERNANDO ALONSO This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Heavily armed men reportedly descended on the hometown of “El Chapo,” ransacking his mother’s home, killing several residents and displacing 150 families, a clear indication that the sun is setting on... Read more
Toophan launchers on the back of Safir tactical vehicles at an Iranian military parade. Photo via military.ir Tank busters spotted in Iraq, Syria and Yemen look a lot like Toophans by ADAM RAWNSLEY The CIA program to supply Arab rebels in Syria has made TOW anti-tank guided missiles a nearly ubiquitous... Read more
An Apache helicopter in Afghanistan in May 2016. U.S. Army photo Coalition airpower gets closer to the action by RODRIGO UGARTE U.S. Army Apache helicopters unleashed their might on Islamic State positions in northern Iraq on June 12. The gunships assisted Iraqi troops working to isolate and retake the city of Mosul,... Read more
An Eritrean mural. David Stanley/Flickr photo Outbursts of violence won’t let this decades-old conflict end by PETER DOERRIE Heavy fighting erupted between Ethiopian and Eritrean forces at their disputed border on June 12, with shelling continuing into Monday morning as both sides blamed each other for the return of hostilities. Casualties... Read more
Bedouin volunteers for a Sunni-led anti-ISIS militia dance after a day of training. Matt Cetti-Roberts photo But relations between neighbors remain difficult by KEVIN KNODELL Arabs in the Iraqi-Syrian border town of Rabia are enlisting in the peshmerga — the armed paramilitaries of Iraq’s Kurdish region — in a move which could bolster America’s... Read more
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