To Faye Cuevas, poaching is warfare by KALEIGH ROGERS While working as a counterterrorism intelligence agent for the U.S. Air Force in Africa, tracking Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army, Lt. Col. Faye Cuevas wasn’t particularly interested in elephants. But the animals kept popping up during her surveillance operations. “We... Read more
Venezuelan F-16A. Rob Schleiffert/Flickr photo Downing of suspected drug flights raises human rights concerns by JAVIER IGNACIO MAYORCA This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. A 2012 law that allows Venezuela’s air force to shoot down aircraft on suspicious flight paths reflects a policy that is being implemented at a high cost... Read more
The scene of the Dallas shootings rendered in Google Street View. Photo via Google Ambush on Dallas police is a worst-case scenario by ROBERT BECKHUSEN This article was originally published on the morning of June 8. The shooting of 14 people during a protest march, 12 of them police officers, is... Read more
Still from a video released by the JAI in support of a claim that one of its BAZ-5937 launchers shot down a SyAAF helicopter on June 27, 2016. JAI release Shoot-downs are piling up by TOM COOPER During the night of June 26 and 27, 2016, insurgents from the Jaysh Al Islam — a... Read more
MiG-23BN serial 4136 was the first of two overhauled by technicians of the LNA/AF — with some help from Egypt. LNA/AF photo via Why did Libya add refueling probes to its swing-wing fighters? by ARNAUD DELALANDE & TOM COOPER On April 30, 2016, Capt. Adel Jihani of the Libyan National Army... Read more
‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ in dry dock in July 2015. Christopher Michel/Flickr photo ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ could be preparing for war in Syria by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is the biggest ship in the Russian navy and the most visible symbol of the Kremlin’s military power. This October, she will... Read more
Did U.S. Helicopters Fly Syrian Rebels Into Battle With Islamic State?
During America’s war in Southeast Asia, Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency helicopters routinely flew guerrillas and other irregular troops around South Vietnam and Laos. Today U.S. choppers could be hauling around rebel troops as part of a secretive campaign against Islamic State in Syria. Sometime between June 27 and June... Read more
An Mi-28N gunship of the Iraqi army flying low over the western Iraqi desert. Iraqi army photo via Civilians may have been caught in the crossfire by ARNAUD DELALANDE During the night of June 28, 2016, a huge convoy reportedly including thousands of Islamic State fighters evacuated Fallujah... Read more
Brazilian military police. André Gustavo Stumpf/Flickr photo Around 85,000 soldiers and police are set to flood the streets — and the games — in August by LLOYD BELTON This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Amid an uptick in violent crime and deepening economic crisis, Brazilian officials plan to secure Rio de Janeiro during the Olympics... Read more
Officials can only give a range of dead terrorists and civilians by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., manned U.S. aircraft and drones have flown hundreds of strikes against terrorists abroad, including U.S. citizens. Humanitarian groups and other critics of... Read more
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