Venezuelan fishing boats and a fisherman in 2006. Ruurmo photo via Flickr Piracy is becoming more common in the southern Caribbean by TRISTAN CLAVEL This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Venezuela’s dire economic situation is fueling piracy off the coastal state of Sucre, providing one example of the various illicit activities... Read more
A Russian Su-34 bomber. Russian ministry of defense photo Russia, Iran and the Assadists barely get along by TOM COOPER Five years into Syria’s apocalyptic civil war, there is no more Syrian Arab Army on the country’s battlefields. So who’s fighting for Syrian president Bashar Al Assad? The answer is a shocking one.... Read more
An Islamic State tank on the Palmyra front in late 2016. Photo via Islamic State propaganda Palmyra was the Syrian Army’s city to lose by PAUL IDDON Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indirectly blamed the United States for the Islamic State’s takeover of Palmyra, which occurred on the weekend of Dec.... Read more
Cops across the Pacific? by TIM SHORROCK Despite the attention being given to America’s roiling wars and conflicts in the Greater Middle East, crucial decisions about the global role of U.S. military power may be made in a region where, as yet, there are no hot wars: Asia. Donald Trump will arrive... Read more
It’s 2016. Do you know where your bombs are falling? by REBECCA GORDON Update: On Dec. 13, 2016, the Associated Press reported the Obama administration had decided to halt some arms deals with Saudi Arabia over concerns about human rights abuses in Yemen, citing an anonymous U.S. official. The long national... Read more
Regime offensive cuts down innocents to get at rebels by NORMA COSTELLO As reports of executions and arrests dominate news reports, those trapped in the rebel-held eastern portion of Syria’s city of Aleppo say they are “waiting for death.” Since 2011, forces loyal to Pres. Bashar Al Assad have cut down... Read more
Two Mi-35P gunship helicopters at Ras Lanuf airstrip in October 2016. Photos via the author Libyan National Army MiGs and attack copters blasted convoys by ARNAUD DELALANDE On the night of Dec. 6 to 7, 2016, a convoy of around 150 vehicles left Al Jufrah in central Libya and headed toward... Read more
Comics about corruption in one of the world’s worst war zones, part two by ALEX DE WAAL & VICTOR NDULA This project was co-sponsored by Cartoon Movement, Justice and Security Research Program and the World Peace Foundation. Read part one here. Read more
Haji Ali Waizi in the Baqir-ul-uloom mosque. Ruchi Kumar photo Attacks on Shia Hazaras deepens ethnic and religious schisms by RUCHI KUMAR Most of the structure of the mosque still stands intact, and from the outside one can even see the intricate mosaic designs, in Persian styling, made with blue-and-white, hand-painted... Read more
An apparent Dash-7 spy plane over Benghazi in eastern Libya in April 2016. Photo via N.D. Surveillance flights are more widespread in the North African country than the government cares to admit by TOM COOPER On Nov. 23, 2016, Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi finally admitted that U.S. surveillance drones are flying... Read more
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