1st Lt. Katie Blanchard during her commissioning ceremony. PLU photo Savage attack on Army nurse galvanizes support by KEVIN KNODELL On Sept. 7, Clifford Currie assaulted his supervisor, U.S. Army 1st Lt. Katie Ann Blanchard, at Munson Army Health Center in Kansas, according to the FBI. That’s the legal definition of what... Read more
A Peruvian Hind helicopter. Peruvian Ministry of Defense photo There are other ways — and routes — to smuggle cocaine by DAVID GAGNE This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The destruction of nearly two dozen clandestine airstrips in central Peru suggests aerial drug traffickers are migrating away from the country’s main hub for cocaine production in... Read more
Russian TOS-1 thermobaric rockets land on a target range. Vitaly V. Kuzmin photo Five of the Kremlin’s advantages from cyber to drones by ROBERT FARLEY The smoldering conflict in Ukraine’s eastern provinces has now gone on for more than two years. Although an uneasy status quo has settled on the region, skirmishes... Read more
A fighter in South Sudan. Photo via Wikipedia Don’t get your hopes up by PETER DOERRIE The U.N. Security Council on Sept. 14 held consultations on South Sudan’s ongoing crisis. Violence escalated considerably in July 2016, when elements of the army attacked civilians and opposition forces in the capital Juba, despite... Read more
Leathernecks fried a hundred targets in a month by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Since Aug. 1, 2016, the U.S. Marine Corps has launched hundreds of air strikes targeting Islamic State terrorists in Libya. One photographs suggests the leathernecks have deployed a particular deadly type of weapon — a thermobaric Hellfire missile. Although American troops have... Read more
Combatientes del Estado Islámico en una imagen propagandística. Un vago discurso mediático que agrupa cada dos grupos terroristas en uno solo no ayuda a derrotar a los socios del ISIS por ANHVINH DOANVO La cadena de ataques por todo el mundo vinculados al Estado Islámico ha ocupado el debate contraterrorista de... Read more
A Mexican marine during exercises in Southern California. U.S. Marine Corps photo ‘Yes sir’ by DAN ALDER The article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Media outlets in Mexico have posted an online audio recording purported to be a conversation in which one of the country’s most wanted drug lords orders an apparently... Read more
Angolan troops practice room-clearing maneuvers in Luanda as U.S. Marines observe. U.S. Marine Corps photo A corrupt government kills Adventists as low oil prices exacerbate an economic crisis by PETER DOERRIE Angola’s police and military attacked and almost completely eradicated a village inhabited by around 50 members of a Christian religious sect... Read more
Boko Haram. Capture via YouTube Nigerian Muslim groups urge members to stand with Christian neighbors by KEVIN KNODELL It’s been a bad year for Boko Haram. The West African terrorist group and Islamic State affiliate has suffered a series of defeats as regional armies have come together in a campaign to... Read more
A U.S. Army Ranger trains in Africa in 2010. All photos — U.S. Army No one will say how many commando exercises the United States has run on the continent by NICK TURSE Sometimes the real news is in the details — or even in the discrepancies. Take, for instance, missions by America’s most elite... Read more
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