No, she never waterboarded anybody by KEVIN KNODELL & BLUE DELLIQUANTI Read more
The tarmac at Sidi Ahmed Air Base, showing off a line of F-5E/F Tiger IIs of No. 15 Squadron, Tunisian air force. TAF release Tiny air force kicked extremists’ asses by TOM COOPER The air wars against Islamist extremists in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan receive reasonable amounts of public attention. On... Read more
Jorge Andrade photo via Flickr Chaos Unfolds in Northeast Brazil Just Before Olympics More than 1,200 troops to deploy in the country’s most violent region by DAVID GAGNE This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. Shootings, arson attacks and prison riots have engulfed a northeastern state of Brazil, drawing attention to the major security... Read more
TFBSO’s Kabul compound. SIGAR photo Pictures from inside the America’s defunct, war-zone business venture by MATTHEW GAULT In 2009, the Pentagon shipped American business experts to Afghanistan to help jump-start the war-torn country’s economy. To that end, the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations spent more than $800 million from 2009... Read more
Iraqi air force pilot photo via Arnaud Delalande An-32s can now drop bombs by ARNAUD DELALANDE On July 17, 2016, the first photo appeared on social media depicting an Iraqi air force An-32B Cline transport aircraft carrying a bomb on an external pylon. It’s not the first time that transport aircraft... Read more
Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, at left. Photo via Wikipedia Breaking the camouflage wall of silence by NICK TURSE It’s rare to hear one top military commander publicly badmouth another, call attention to his faults, or simply point out his shortcomings. Despite a seemingly endless supply of debacles from strategic setbacks to quagmire... Read more
So how do you reform Baghdad’s army and police? by JOSEPH TREVITHICK To hear officials in Washington tell it, after two years of often sluggish offensives, Iraqi forces are finally starting turn the tide in the fight against Islamic State. In particular, the Pentagon has focused on the exploits of... Read more
Iranian troops firing their rifles during an exercise. Iranian state media photo Don’t assume the PDKI conflict is a proxy war by ROBERT ANDREA Last month, reports emerged of clashes between Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI or KDPI), reportedly killing six from each... Read more
Leathernecks work closely with American commandos by JOSEPH TREVITHICK The U.S. Marines’ top officer in the Middle East wants to lend a hand in the war on the Islamic State. “Some of the missions executing now could be executed by well-trained and disciplined general purpose forces... Read more
Mines being destroyed in a controlled detonation in Mali, April 2014. U.N. photo Helicopter shootdown reveals a secretive war with questionable allies by PETER DOERRIE When a helicopter carrying three French soldiers was reportedly shot down near Benghazi a few weeks ago, it confirmed what had been speculated about for months.... Read more
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