Iranian troops firing their rifles during an exercise. Iranian state media photo Don’t assume the PDKI conflict is a proxy war by ROBERT ANDREA Last month, reports emerged of clashes between Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI or KDPI), reportedly killing six from each... Read more
Leathernecks work closely with American commandos by JOSEPH TREVITHICK The U.S. Marines’ top officer in the Middle East wants to lend a hand in the war on the Islamic State. “Some of the missions executing now could be executed by well-trained and disciplined general purpose forces... Read more
Mines being destroyed in a controlled detonation in Mali, April 2014. U.N. photo Helicopter shootdown reveals a secretive war with questionable allies by PETER DOERRIE When a helicopter carrying three French soldiers was reportedly shot down near Benghazi a few weeks ago, it confirmed what had been speculated about for months.... Read more
The sight of the Paris shootings in November 2015. Colville-Anderson photo via Flickr Terror attacks are explicitly aimed at exploiting divisions in pluralistic societies by KEVIN KNODELL The leaders of the self-proclaimed Islamic State say they are at war with the entire world. In their view, all must submit or die.... Read more
Rodrigo Duterte takes his oath of office in June 2016. Photo via Wikipedia 400 die as Rodrigo Duterte’s rhetoric escalates by JOANNE LU The Philippines’ new president Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t need official policy to incite a deadly war on drugs. This “kill list” is proof. Since May 9, 2016, when “Rody”... Read more
A PMF howitzer firing on Islamic State positions in Fallujah. PMF capture via YouTube Murder, torture and forced displacement will exacerbate sectarian conflict by ANHVINH DOANVO Since its peak, the Islamic State has lost 45 percent of its territory. While it would be an enormous understatement to call this good news,... Read more
Helicóptero de combate Mi-28N del Ejército de Tierra iraquí volando a baja cota sobre el desierto occidental iraquí. Foto del Ejército de Tierra iraquí a través de Puede que entre el fuego cruzado hayan caído civiles por ARNAUD DELALANDE Durante la noche del 28 de junio de 2016 un... Read more
A private security guard totes a shotgun in Guatemala. Marc Eckhert/Flickr photo Few trust the police in Central America, but private firms bring their own risks by MIMI YAGOUB This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The growing number of private security firms in Guatemala speaks to the state’s inability to provide... Read more
A coalition soldier aims an infrared sight during a night range in Kabul province, Afghanistan. U.S. Army photo Andrew Bacevich argues it’s time to cut and run by MATTHEW GAULT The United States is at war and has been for nearly 15 years. Major U.S. ground combat operations in Iraq in Afghanistan have... Read more
Peacekeepers in Mali. U.N. photo Insurgents expand their activities in the Sahel by PETER DOERRIE In a highly coordinated attack, fighters affiliated with Al Qaeda’s branch in the Sahel took over a military base near Nampala on July 19, beating back the Malian garrison and later ambushing them during their retreat. At... Read more
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