New Zealand pulling out of Iraq, remaining troops will be out by June
Slobodan Lekic Stars and Stripes New Zealand has declined a NATO request to retain military advisers in Iraq, a decision that came just prior to a visit from Defense Secretary Mark Esper during his tour of the Pacific. Monday’s government decision came before Esper arrived in Auckland and said... Read more
U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises begin as North Korea continues missile testing
Kim Gamel and Yoo Kyong Chang Stars and Stripes The United States and South Korea began joint military exercises on Monday but kept them low-key to avoid provoking North Korea, which has warned the drills could derail efforts to resume nuclear negotiations. The allies declined to officially announce the... Read more
U.S. pulls out of INF treaty with Russia, says it will start building new missiles
Slobodan Lekic and Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday announced the official withdrawal of the United States from a key nuclear missile treaty with Russia, blaming Moscow for violating the terms of the 1987 pact and vowing to build new weapons previously banned under... Read more
USS Boxer crew says they are ready for everything and anything from Iran
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes The drone-downing USS Boxer is ready to counter “anything that’s thrown at us” by Iran should it encounter any new threats, the ship’s executive officer said prior to departing Bahrain on Friday following a scheduled weeklong port visit. The San Diego-based amphibious assault ship... Read more
Afghan military & police forces at lowest level since 2015
Phillip Walter Wellman Stars and Stripes Afghanistan’s military and police forces’ strength numbers have fallen to the lowest level they’ve been since 2015, when NATO’s Resolute Support mission began, a U.S. report said Thursday. The sharp drop in personnel numbers may be linked to a new way of tallying... Read more
North Korea performs third missile test in a week, President Trump says he’s not worried
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea fired two rounds of projectiles into the sea off its eastern coast for the third time in just over a week, South Korea’s military said early Friday. The launches happened after the North warned the South against joining upcoming military exercises with... Read more
North Korea launches two ballistic missiles towards Japan in response to S. Korea-U.S. military drills
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles from its east coast Wednesday, the South Korean military said, less than a week after the launch of two similar weapons as it looks to heap pressure on Seoul and Washington to halt upcoming joint military drills.... Read more
New SecDef wants to escort American ships through Middle East waters
The new Secretary of Defense is more than willing to allow the military to escort American ships through important waterways in the Middle East after Iranian gunboats captured a British vessel. Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke of the matter on Wednesday, stating that, “We will escort our ships to... Read more
Trump says he could end Afghan war in a week, doesn’t want to because 10 million people would die
dpa, Hamburg, Germany President Donald Trump said on Monday the United States could win the the nearly 18-year war in Afghanistan in just seven days but that it would require killing too many people. Trump made the remarks before a White House meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan,... Read more
Blame Canada: Senator accidentally revealed American nuclear sites in Europe
A Canadian senator revealed secret information concerning the location of over 150 American nuclear bombs across Europe, making its rounds around the world before being deleted. Canadian Senator Joseph Day included the classified information, which effectively exposed the location of around 150 B61-12 gravity bombs across Europe and likely... Read more
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