Turkey loses it’s first soldier in Syrian clash with Kurdish fighters
dpa, Hamburg, Germany A Turkish soldier was killed in the cross-border offensive in north-eastern Syria, the Turkish Defence Ministry said on Friday. This is Turkey’s first reported military fatality in Operation Peace Spring that started on Wednesday. The ministry said three soldiers were wounded in clashes with the Syrian-Kurdish... Read more
Kurdish fighters holding down northern city, beating back Turkish & Syrian army
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repelled an attempt by Turkish troops and their Syrian allies to enter Syria’s northern city of Ain Issa, Kurdish sources said. On Wednesday, Turkey launched a long-threatened military offensive in northern Syria with airstrikes and artillery fire, later sending... Read more
Turkish military operation underway in Syria, Kurdish fighters seek cover as U.S. support is no where to be found
By Nabih Bulos Los Angeles Times Turkey launched its incursion into areas of northern Syria on Wednesday to excise a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia, Turkish officials said on Wednesday. The move frustrates calls by U.S. lawmakers to prevent what many believe would be an abandonment of an important ally against... Read more
Turkey sending troops into Syria, U.S. pulling back soldiers which leaves Kurdish forces exposed
By Anindita Ramaswamy and Weedah Hamzah dpa U.S. troops started withdrawing from areas in northeastern Syria along Turkey’s border, U.S.-backed Kurdish forces said on Monday ahead of a planned Turkish incursion. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed the move before leaving on Monday on a two-day official visit to... Read more
1,000 National Guardsmen staying at southern border for an extra seven weeks
Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes A deployment expected to end Monday was extended into November for 1,000 Texas National Guard troops serving along the U.S.-Mexico border, Pentagon officials said Thursday. Defense Secretary Mark Esper approved the extension Sept. 16 at the request of the Department of Homeland Security,... Read more
Like Legos: Navy wants stackable grenades to create larger explosions
Martin Egnash Stars and Stripes Several new types of grenades, including one that can be stacked to create a larger explosion, have garnered interest from the Department of the Navy. The Crane, Ind.-based Naval Surface Warfare Center issued a request for information about the modular grenades last month, along... Read more
Warning shot: North Korea tests nuclear missile launch from a submarine a week before more negotiations with the U.S.
Victoria Kim Los Angeles Times North Korea fired a ballistic missile Wednesday that landed in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, less than 200 miles from the Japanese coast, according to the South Korean military and the Japanese coast guard. The launch came a day... Read more
Medic!  Army testing airdrops of plasma to save wounded soldiers
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Army is testing airdrops of freeze-dried plasma as a way of getting it closer to the battlefield to help improve the survival rate for wounded soldiers, it said in a statement released this week. Soldiers from the Fort Bragg, N.C.-based 432nd Blood Support... Read more
China celebrates 70 years of communist control and ‘peace-keeping’ military
The military arm of the Chinese Communist Party was on full display Tuesday, as Chinese President Xi Jinping displayed his armed forces and promised that “no force can shake the status” of the world’s largest authoritarian nation. The perfectly-manicured and choreographed military display was part of China’s 70th anniversary... Read more
“Unprecedented security risks,” Military officials say climate change is the top national security threat
Wyatt Olson Stars and Stripes A group of former top military and national security officials on Tuesday called for President Donald Trump to establish a sweeping plan that treats climate change as a major national security threat. The Climate Security Plan for America recommends the creation of a White... Read more
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