Lecturer at U.S. funded Afghan University arrested for recruiting students to join ISIS
Phillip Walter Wellman Stars and Stripes A lecturer at a partially U.S.-funded university in Afghanistan’s capital was arrested on suspicion of recruiting students to join Islamic State, the country’s top intelligence agency said Monday. Three of his suspected recruits, who were accused by authorities of organizing several deadly ISIS... Read more
Outgoing AFRICOM leader warns of worsening security conditions in West Africa
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes Maj. Gen. Marcus Hicks, who led U.S. special operations troops in Africa during a tumultuous two-year tenure, warned during a change of command Friday that security conditions are deteriorating in Western Africa, a region where four U.S. troops were killed at the start of... Read more
Japan says President Trump never talked about ending defense pact
Hana Kusumoto Stars and Stripes The Japanese government has dismissed a U.S. media report saying that President Donald Trump spoke of ending the two nations’ longstanding postwar defense pact. Bloomberg News, citing anonymous sources, reported Monday that Trump had privately mused about withdrawing from the “one-sided” security treaty with... Read more
NATO tells Russia to stop new missile system or it will increase counter forces
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The U.S.-led NATO alliance will consider bolstering its air and missile defense systems in Europe as well as enhancing its conventional forces if Russia doesn’t abolish a new missile system that poses a threat to the Continent, the alliance’s top official said Wednesday. “An... Read more
Newest Medal of Honor recipient eliminated 11 threats during ‘house of nightmares’ mission, saved his unit from massacre
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes Pinned down inside a pitch-black, insurgent-filled house in the early days of the second battle of Fallujah, Staff Sgt. David Bellavia grabbed a heavy M249 automatic machine gun from another soldier and charged forward into oncoming fire from enemy fighters hunkered down in a... Read more
Reload: Marine Corps replacing Beretta M9 with Sig Sauer M18 by 2023
The U.S. Marine Corps is adopting the Sig Sauer M18 as its 9mm service pistol, ushering the end a 35-year era for the Beretta M9. The Marines are following the cue of other branches, which have also adopted variants of the Sig Sauer 320 handgun. According to UPI, the... Read more
After calling off airstrikes, U.S. launched cyberattacks against Iran
Yashwant Raj Hindustan Times, New Delhi The US on Thursday carried out cyberattacks on Iranian computer systems that controlled missile batteries and an intelligence unit linked to the oil tanker bombings even as American President Donald Trump called off a military strike shortly before it was underway in retaliation... Read more
President Trump says he will ‘obliterate’ Iran if the country attacks anything American
By Joshua Gallu and Ladane Nasseri Bloomberg News President Donald Trump threatened Iran with forceful retaliation for any attack on the U.S. after the Islamic Republic ruled out talks to resolve escalating tensions between the two nations. “Any attack by Iran on anything American will be met with great... Read more
USS Boxer arrives in Middle East waters as tension with Iran continues to rise
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes Thousands of sailors and Marines sailed into 5th Fleet waters Monday as an amphibious assault group led by the USS Boxer deployed to the region, where tensions are flaring between the U.S. and Iran. The Boxer, which carries the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and... Read more
President cancels missile strike against Iran 10 minutes before launch
Noah Bierman Los Angeles Times President Trump said Friday he abruptly canceled a planned U.S. missile strike against three Iranian targets “10 minutes before” it was set to launch because he was told the raid would likely kill 150 Iranians. “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night... Read more
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