They know there’s a war on, they just don’t wanna go. Big Talk Productions capture This Britcom is full of strong women and cruel humor by MATTHEW GAULT Two boys scuffled in the schoolyard, provoking their teacher to punish them with a stern talking-to. The mothers of both boys watch, and... Read more
I feel a meme coming on. HBO capture HBO isn’t afraid to show imperfect commanders, mounds of corpses and actual tactics by MATTHEW GAULT Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton finally clashed on the most recent Game of Thrones — and it was wonderful. The two illegitimate sons of lords fought over Winterfell during “Battle... Read more
Universal Studios capture Easily the greatest animated series of the 1990s that doesn’t come from Japan by S.K. AU-YEONG A product of Universal Cartoon Studios, Exosquad stood apart from Western cartoons because its plot was a sophisticated combination of interplanetary space battles with conventional and guerrilla warfare on the ground. Not to mention... Read more
This team is ready to kill zombies … and challenge stereotypes. Street Justice Films capture Not all vets are alcoholics, ‘The Hurt Locker’ still sucks and no one cries when you kill a zombie by MATTHEW GAULT I interviewed Mat Best and Nick Palmisciano on Memorial Day. No pressure. Best is a former... Read more
Street Justice Films promotional image Veteran-helmed zombie comedy doesn’t take itself too seriously by MATTHEW GAULT Zombies are ravaging America, but former U.S. Army Ranger-turned-internet superstar Mat Best and his team have the cure. The heroes need to get the zombie-antidote into the hands of government scientists. One problem — Col. Holloway,... Read more
U.S. Air Force illustration The civilian world fails at building lasting bonds by MATTHEW GAULT As the United States approaches its 15th straight year at war, rates of post-traumatic stress disorder have risen to record highs. But there are no simple explanations for the cause. American soldiers are less likely to engage... Read more
Full-scale Nazi aggression on display. Paradox Interactive capture Germany beat me badly, but I still had a lot of fun by MATTHEW GAULT Everything was going so well. I had organized my economy, military and political system — and was confident the republic would survive fascist aggression. I knew the history, lay of... Read more
Captura de pantalla del tráiler del videojuego de EA Bastante realistas, con sólo un par de raras excepciones por MATTHEW MOSS Por una vez, los rumores de Internet han demostrado ser ciertos. La empresa de videojuegos sueca DICE, filial de la marca EA, mira al pasado para la ambientación del último... Read more
‘Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank.’ Shrapnel Games art Venerable hex game is free to download by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN It was the mid-1990s. The roar of Russian tank engines, the whoosh of anti-tank missiles and the buzz of low-flying Havoc attack helicopters filled the computer room of my suburban home. After a... Read more
TriStar Pictures capture Republican frontrunner’s politics are straight out of the sci-fi satire by MATTHEW GAULT Ever wondered how billionaire Donald Trump might govern if he becomes president? We humbly offer Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 satirical masterpiece Starship Troopers as a possible preview. Yes, Starship Troopers is just a science fiction movie.... Read more
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