Bombs Away: Best images of our military for May 10th, 2019
This week’s images show us a pair of victories, two types of fires, and a first-person view of the new F-35A. For 13 years the Army has given away the Lt. Gen. Robert B. Flowers trophy to the best Sapper, and in this photo by Micahel Curtis, we watch... Read more
VA under pressure from lawmakers to make new GI Bill deadline
Nikki Wentling Stars and Stripes Department of Veterans Affairs officials tried to assuage doubts from House lawmakers Thursday about the agency’s ability to successfully implement changes to veterans’ education benefits later this year. Following a missed deadline in the fall, the VA set a new expectation to have the... Read more
President Trump removes interim tag Secretary of Defense and makes Pat Shanahan appointment permanent
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes Pat Shanahan, who has led the Pentagon on an interim basis since January, will be nominated by President Donald Trump to take over as defense secretary permanently, the White House announced Thursday. “President Trump intends to nominate Patrick M. Shanahan as Secretary of Defense,”... Read more
Second Lady Karen Pence pushing for new military spouse law
Claudia Grisales Stars and Stripes Andrea Krull has moved eight times since she married into the military. And each time, she is forced to restart her business as a public relations consultant, navigating a new set of state and local regulations to re-establish her firm. Krull, and her husband... Read more
Pentagon unsure of how many public websites it runs
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Pentagon could be responsible for 5,000 publicly accessible websites. Or it could be less than half that. Nobody appears to know for sure. Speaking at a town hall event for employees of the military’s main public affairs organization, Army Col. Paul Haverstick said... Read more
USS Truman Master chief retiring after telling his sailors to “clap like we’re at a strip club” during Pence visit
Wyatt Olson Stars and Stripes The command master chief of the USS Harry S. Truman, who late last month cajoled sailors to “clap like we’re at a strip club” for Vice President Mike Pence’s arrival aboard the aircraft carrier, is retiring, a Navy official said Tuesday. The remark by... Read more
Survey says: U.S. Marines welcomed in Australia
Seth Robson Stars and Stripes A recent survey suggests U.S. Marines are being welcomed with open arms by residents of Australia’s Northern Territory. There’s been a steady build-up of Marines in Darwin, Australia, since 2012. On May 1, with the Marines’ rotational force poised to reach its target of... Read more
‘We’re not aliens, we’re women:’ New task force to target gender inequality at the VA
Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes Women seeking health care at Department of Veterans Affairs facilities often have longer wait times for appointments than men and one in four have reported being sexually harassed or had their military service questioned, House lawmakers and women veterans said Thursday. “ do... Read more
Sexual assaults on young servicewomen on the rise, DOD report finds
Caitlin M. Kenney Stars and Stripes Sexual assaults against female troops have increased by 44% since 2016, with the highest increase affecting junior enlisted servicemenbers, according to a Pentagon report released Thursday. “The results of this report are not acceptable by any standard,” Elizabeth Van Winkle, the executive director... Read more
US cavalry unit commemorates Gen. Patton’s order to save hundreds of Lipizzaner Stallions from being eaten by Soviets
Martin Egnash Stars and Stripes Soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment took part in a Czech ceremony this week commemorating Operation Cowboy, a mission Gen. George Patton entrusted to the same unit in the closing days of World War II. The cavalry unit’s orders were simple: the general, a... Read more
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