Shorts on the flight line?  Air Force ok’s it for three bases
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes Three Air Force bases in hot climates are turning to shorts to keep airmen cool while working on the flight line. Extreme heat during summer months is a fact of life for airmen at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.,... Read more
Intergalactic crime: NASA astronaut accused of hacking ex-wife’s bank account from space
Jami Ganz New York Daily News The situation is out of this world. Anne McClain, a NASA astronaut and lieutenant colonel in the army, is facing accusations that she committed identity theft through the “improper access” of her estranged wife’s “private financial records,” The New York Times reported. Former... Read more
Top SEAL tells command to raise the bar on grooming & uniform standards
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Navy’s top SEAL has ordered Naval Special Warfare Command to adopt stringent grooming and uniform standards required throughout the rest of the service, telling his top commanders “that a portion of this force is ethically misaligned with our culture.” In a memorandum issued... Read more
Judge rules transgender people can sue the Pentagon over policy barring them from serving
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes A federal judge in Maryland ruled Tuesday that men and women barred from joining the military because of their transgender status can proceed with a lawsuit seeking to overturn a Pentagon policy blocking their service. U.S. District Judge George Russell ruled transgender men and... Read more
Norse Heathenism believing airman gets beard waiver granted, paves way for more religious exemptions
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes For nearly a year, the Air Force weighed a staff sergeant’s request to grow a beard as part of his religious beliefs before granting him a waiver, a decision that balanced personal liberty against military readiness, a Pentagon spokesman said. Staff Sgt. Garrett Sopchak,... Read more
“We have a problem,” Navy top SEAL says overhaul of culture is needed
Corey Dickstein and Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Navy’s top SEAL wrote in a message to the Naval Special Warfare Command that he has ordered an ethics review of the elite force, telling them that “we have a problem” within the SEALs, which have been plagued by allegations... Read more
Mold at Joint Base San Antonio sends 200 airmen to new housing
Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes Mold in dorms forced about 200 airmen into new housing over the weekend at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas, after online scrutiny of living conditions triggered base leadership to conduct a full review of all facilities. As inspections continue at the Air... Read more
Survey: Military families disappointed with on-post housing, DoD trying to fix issues
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes Army families are less satisfied with living conditions in on-post housing than they were last year, according to a pair of surveys that service officials sent out in January as they work to address ongoing problems reported in residences run by private management companies.... Read more
Air Force adds hand-to-hand combat as requirement during basic training
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes Changes to Air Force basic training this summer include switching to the M4 carbine from the M16 and an increased emphasis on hand-to-hand fighting skills. Training on the M4 is part of an emphasis on preparing new airmen for deployment into areas of potential... Read more
Pentagon: Rapid rise in people dying due to heat illness during training
David Matthews New York Daily News The military has a climate change problem. As global temperatures rise, the number of heat-related illness diagnoses of active-duty service members is rising as well, according to military data. Statistics show a 60% increase of heatstroke or heat exhaustion cases between 2008 and... Read more
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