There’s a Lego-like model of the flattop on sale in Beijing by TOMMY JAMISON Behold China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning — in model form. When I was a kid I built a model of the USS Saratoga — on which my father served in 1967 — and was mightily impressed by the whole experience. I am, as such,... Read more
A squirtle in Northern Iraq. Louis Park photo via Facebook Military officials are wary of both troops and civilians trying to catch ’em all by KEVIN KNODELL Pokemon Go has invaded America. Since launching on July 6, the free augmented reality game has prompted millions of users to explore places they ordinarily... Read more
New York City on 9/11. Flickr photo A review of ‘The Global Village Myth’ by REED PEEPLES The protection of America itself will assume a high priority in a new century. Once a strategic afterthought, homeland defense has become an urgent duty. For most of our history, America felt safe behind two... Read more
Skulls at the Choeung Ek Genocidal Center. All photos by Adryel Talamantes Cambodia’s massacre sites are now tourism hotspots by ADRYEL TALAMANTES If not for Cambodia’s dark past, there would be no reason for anyone to visit the quiet fields south of Phnom Penh. A short tuk-tuk ride through the city’s... Read more
I’m afraid of Americans. Universal Studios capture Third time’s a charm for this B-movie horror franchise by MATTHEW GAULT A sensible compact car covered in strings of glaring Christmas-tree lights cruises down an abandoned city street. A younger, more innocent Miley Cyrus croons about a party in the USA … but it... Read more
Captura de pantalla de la película ‘La Batalla por Sebastopol” La película “La Batalla por Sebastopol” resulta menos impactante que el tema del que trata por SEBASTIEN ROBLIN La película de 2015 La Batalla por Sebastopol refleja la verdadera historia sobre cómo Lyudmila Pavlichenko, una mujer sniper soviética que acabó... Read more
Watch the ‘PlanetSide’ die in a meteor shower by IAN BIRNBAUM After more than a decade of battle, 2003’s science-fiction massively multiplayer shooter PlanetSide is no more. On July 1, PlanetSide’s servers went off-line, the guns fell silent, soldiers put down their weapons to have a dance party and apocalyptic meteors... Read more
‘Culloden.’ BBC capture Peter Watkins’ 1964 docudrama was ahead of its time by MATTHEW GAULT British soldiers in service to the Duke of Cumberland crest a hill and follow the beat of a drum. “Wednesday April 16, 1746,” a dry-toned narrator states. “This is the advanced battalion of an English government army... Read more
Daesh daeshing it up. Photo via social media A sense of purpose can be intoxicating by MATTHEW GAULT Three men assaulted Istanbul’s Ataturk airport with AK-47s and suicide vests on June 28, killing 41 people and injuring 239 more. Islamic State has not claimed responsibility but Turkish officials believe the terror... Read more
U.S. Air Force photo New book explores Barack Obama’s special relationship with a lethal technology by REED PEEPLES Weapons shape wars. Like leaders and enemies, they become active characters in our narratives of armed conflict. However the United States’ post-9/11 wars are resolved, we can already confidently assign their emblem — the drone. In... Read more
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