Chinese “student” studying in US is indicted for actually being a Chinese Army officer
(PLA Lieutenant Ye was charged in federal indictments Tuesday, along Dr. Charles Lieber (pictured in Wuhan in 2011), chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.) A Chinese People’s Liberation Army lieutenant spied on the United States while doing “research” on a J-1 visa at... Read more
CIA psychologist says he threatened to kill 9/11 plotter’s son
A CIA psychologist testified here Monday that he told self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, that if there was another attack on America, he would kill Mohammed’s son. James Mitchell, who designed, oversaw and often carried out the harsh interrogation program in the CIA’s secret black-site prisons, said... Read more
Report: China ranked world’s second-largest arms maker, behind US
Stockholm — China is the world’s second-largest arms maker, after the United States, with at least four Chinese arms groups generating sufficient sales to be ranked among the world’s top 20 arms sellers, a Swedish-based research institute said on Monday. The four firms, including China’s largest aircraft maker, Aviation... Read more
ROK Army kicks out transgender after surgery for being a “person with a disability”
Seoul (dpa) – A transgender woman who started her military service in South Korea as a man has been dismissed after an army examination board argued on Wednesday that her recent sex change was grounds for dismissal. A military medical team had previously classified the woman as a “person... Read more
Saudi military opens first women’s section as part of “empowering women initiative”
JEDDAH: Saudi military chief of staff, Gen. Fayyad Al-Ruwaili, launched the first military section for women in the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces on Sunday. The director general of admission and enlistment, Maj. Gen. Imad Al-Aidan, explained the regulations of acceptance, and allocated locations where the female staff will be... Read more
Space Force unveils new camo designed uniforms, gets roasted on social media for it
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The newly created United States Space Force unveiled its planned uniform, which immediately raised eyebrows over its design: standard woodland camouflage. The issue was quickly a trending subject on social media and whoever manages the Twitter account of the Space Force had a busy day responding... Read more
Facebook information warfare: Inside Iran’s shadowy operations to target you on social media
As a barrage of missiles rained down on two Iraqi bases housing thousands of U.S. troops, a stealthier form of warfare was striking on another front: online information operations linked to the Iranian regime were blasting out messages to sway public opinion in Tehran and abroad. Campaigns on Instagram,... Read more
Iranian-American says killed Iranian general was just as bad as Osama Bin Laden
A Georgia business owner left his home in Iran for America 45 years ago to get a college education and improve his quality of life. But the man known as Ali still keeps up with the news from his homeland and said he wasn’t surprised when a U.S. drone... Read more
Marines will be forced to wait for promotions starting in 2020
Immanuel Johnson Stars and Stripes Most Marines will have to serve longer before they’re eligible to reach the ranks of sergeant and staff sergeant, beginning Jan. 1. Corporals will need at least four years of time in service to be promoted to sergeant, while sergeants must have served in... Read more
Two more soldiers suffering from vaping-related injuries, Army issues warning
Martin Egnash Stars and Stripes Two active duty soldiers have been treated for vaping-related lung injuries, the Army said Thursday as it issued a new warning to servicemembers to lay off electronic cigarettes. “Until we know more, everyone is encouraged not to use e-cigarette or vaping products,” the Army... Read more
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