Another one bites the dust: Army ditching “gravel camo” after just 14 years
The Army’s “gravel camo” is gone forever- and U.S. Soldiers of the past, present and future couldn’t be happier. Known as the Universal Camouflage Pattern, the grey-green pixelated pattern was adopted against all advice in 2005 and remained the standard pattern until 2014. During its time as the U.S.... Read more
No more blue: Navy dropping ‘blueberry’ camo uniforms for good
Joshua Karsten Stars and Stripes Sailors’ last day to wear a blue camouflage uniform beloved by some and derided by others is here. The Type I Navy Working Uniform, dubbed the “blueberry,” will no longer be authorized for wear as of Tuesday, according to a timeline sent out by... Read more
Army releases new fitness test requirements, will go in effect next year
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes To ace the new Army Combat Fitness Test, a soldier would need to deadlift 340 pounds, launch a medicine ball 12.5 meters backwards, complete 60 hand-release pushups, finish the new sprint-drag-carry event in 1:33 minutes, execute 20 hanging leg tucks and run two miles... Read more
Army issues warning about potential mass shooting incidents with release of upcoming “Joker” movie
J.P. Lawrence Stars and Stripes Military commanders in Oklahoma were warned of the potential threat of violence at the theatrical release of the upcoming “Joker” movie, though law enforcement officials are not sure which theaters may be affected. An Army Criminal Investigation Command memo issued Monday put commanders at... Read more
DoD tweets photo of B-2 bomber, says it’s the last thing millennials will see if they raid Area 51
David Matthews New York Daily News The Department of Defense issued an apology Saturday after it posted a tweet that suggested that any “millennials” who raided Area 51 this weekend would be bombed. The tweeted was posted by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDSHub), a DoD media service,... Read more
Colt says it will only sell AR-15 to military & police forces, ends public sales
Wyatt Olson Stars and Stripes Gunmaker Colt announced Thursday that it was discontinuing retail sales of its AR-15 line of semi-automatic rifles. The company will continue to manufacture the rifles for the military and law enforcement agencies, Dennis Veilleux, Colt’s president and CEO, said in a statement. The high-velocity... Read more
Navy fires leaders of famous SEAL team 7, says it’s to change the culture
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Navy’s top SEAL on Friday fired SEAL Team 7’s top three leaders from their duties as the service cracks down on a cultural and ethical crisis within the ranks of its elite commandos, according to Navy officials. Rear Adm. Collin Green, the commander... Read more
Special Forces throws uniforms back to the 1960’s, wears “Tiger Stripe” camouflage during training exercise
Operators with the U.S. Army’s 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) were showing their stripes in a fantastic way during a recent training exercise with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), wearing a mix of modern Multicam and Vietnam-era “Tiger Stripe” camouflage. The throwback threads were spotted while NCOs from... Read more
Navy using social media influences to recruit new cadets
By Brock Vergakis The Virginian-Pilot William Osman appears thrilled that he’s about to perform an egg-drop experiment. The challenge is the same one that generations of students have done before: Engineer a way to stop an egg that’s dropped from a high elevation from obliterating on impact. But Osman... Read more
High demand: DEA buying more marijuana for PTSD testing on veterans
Nikki Wentling Stars and Stripes The Drug Enforcement Administration announced Monday it plans to increase the number of producers who can grow marijuana for scientific research — action taken after a lawsuit against the DEA filed by researchers studying the drug as a potential treatment for veterans with post-traumatic... Read more
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