Europeans are making some of the best films about Afghanistan by KEVIN KNODELL Capt. Claus Michael Pedersen, the commander of a company of Danish soldiers, tries to reassure an Afghan man. His soldiers had previously treated the man’s daughter for a burn on her arm, and Pedersen told the Afghan... Read more
The metal face of terror. TriStar Pictures capture The family comedy plays a lot different in the age of drone warfare by MATTHEW GAULT A tank leads a military convoy through a field of red poppies. Red stars appear on the sides of the tanks and transports — impossible to miss in the dull... Read more
No, she never waterboarded anybody by KEVIN KNODELL & BLUE DELLIQUANTI Read more
Warner Bros. capture Comedy takes the sting out of our darkest fears by MATTHEW GAULT Leave it to Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd to save the world from nuclear annihilation and make us laugh while they do it. In 1985, Ronald Reagan was president, Able Archer was two years behind us, the... Read more
Reenactors live out the Second Battle of St. Albans of the War of the Roses. Paul Kitchener photo via Flickr The Bard can teach us about war, the nation and strategic discourse by ROBERT FARLEY The past decade has witnessed an explosion of articles, panels and podcasts on the relationship between... Read more
Marines train during a live-fire exercise at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina in July 2016. Marine Corps photo Army book on navigating interservice rivalries has choice words for the Air Force, Navy and Marines by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines like to have good-natured fun at each others’ expense. But... Read more
A U.S. Air Force veterinarian inspects a sick cow in Mongolia during a humanitarian assistance operation. DoD photo Podcast — the strange science of humans at war by MATTHEW GAULT When the U.S. Air Force tests a new aircraft, it needs to make sure it won’t crash should a stray bird slam into the... Read more
The USS Enterprise in trouble. Paramount capture The new film proves ‘Star Trek’ doesn’t have to sacrifice its soul to be entertaining by MATTHEW GAULT I never thought I’d like, let alone love, another Star Trek film. Trek is a big deal to me. I watched Next Generation as a child... Read more
Beautiful East Europa. Jakub Rozalski art The Great War is over and the great powers battle over the ashes by MATTHEW GAULT Gunter von Duisburg spent the Great War breeding dire wolves and leading mechs in battle in the forests of Saxony. He was not accustomed to governing or building, but took... Read more
There’s a Lego-like model of the flattop on sale in Beijing by TOMMY JAMISON Behold China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning — in model form. When I was a kid I built a model of the USS Saratoga — on which my father served in 1967 — and was mightily impressed by the whole experience. I am, as such,... Read more
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