The Alexandrov Ensemble in 2009. Loraine photo via Wikimedia The deaths of 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble in a Christmas plane crash is a loss for the world’s culture by ROBERT BECKHUSEN My introduction to the Red Army Choir came when I visited a Russian-themed cultural shop that had... Read more
Vertigo Films capture This flick isn’t sure what it wants to be by MATTHEW GAULT Parkes wakes up disoriented. He’s been riding in the hot sun with a burlap sack over his head for hours. Now he can see again. He’s in a small room, tied to a chair with his arms... Read more
Dolph Lundgren, International Man of Tanks
Let’s say you’re in charge of a company trying to sell a new Russian-style armored reconnaissance vehicle to potential foreign buyers. There may come a time when you will ask yourself — is it possible to get Swedish action movie star Dolph Lundgren to ride around in it? It’s what we’d do. The... Read more
Occupation is nasty business. Disney capture The Rebellion’s freedom fighters are the Empire’s terrorists by MATTHEW GAULT This article contains extensive spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back always made the Rebellion seem so righteous, organized and pure. The good guys wore white... Read more
He’d watch, but … well … y’know. YouTube capture ‘A Short Vision’ traumatized Ed Sullivan’s viewers by MATTHEW GAULT Ed Sullivan was a big deal. The old broadcaster ran a variety show on CBS throughout the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s called The Ed Sullivan Show. When Sullivan was on, viewers across the country... Read more
The combined might of Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin and two bazookas can’t undo a tragedy. MGM capture This Cannon ‘classic’ takes exploitation to the next level by MATTHEW GAULT War Is Boring published an earlier version of this story on July 31, 2013. The terrorists sort through the passports, looking for Jews. The... Read more
Angelina Jolie visiting Myanmar refugees in Thailand in 2009. U.N. photo Everyone’s a hater by MATTHEW GAULT War Is Boring published an earlier version of this story on Sept. 12, 2013. Everyone has a plan or an opinion. When America goes to war, President-elect Trump tweets something ignorant or Syria gets a little... Read more
He can’t pull the trigger. Bleecker Steet capture People die horribly on the long road to freedom by MATTHEW GAULT Resistance is hard and the consequences can be a nightmare. On Dec. 8, 1941, nine men parachuted into Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. They landed outside of Prague, made their way through the countryside... Read more
He’s on a mission from God. Anchor Bay Entertainment capture Come to watch Cage, stay to watch two old men on dialysis fight in a cave by MATTHEW GAULT Dreams are important. They keep us healthy, give us something to live for and give us a reason to push through the... Read more
A T-62 under my command after a rocket-propelled grenade from above. Battlefront capture We tried to battle the Mujahideen — and lost by ROBERT BECKHUSEN The 2007 P.C. game Combat Mission: Shock Force by Battlefront depicts a U.S. invasion of Syria— four years before a different but very real and terrible conflict... Read more
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