Captura de pantalla del documental Taking Fire del canal Discovery El nuevo documental del canal Discovery muestra el mortal valle Korengal en Afganistán desde el punto de vista de los soldados por MATTHEW GAULT El COP (Combat Outpost) Michigan protegía la entrada al valle Korengal desde su... Read more
He’s just getting started. Summit Entertainment capture Mel Gibson is back and he’s not messing around by MATTHEW GAULT There’s a certain kind of war film that comes out during the holiday season. You know the one. The Allies are good, the Nazis are bad and the war is simple. A... Read more
That shovel is headed for a clavicle. Electronic Arts capture Don’t skip the excellent single player campaign in this year’s multiplayer blockbuster by MATTHEW GAULT Battlefield 1 is almost a masterpiece. During my time with the game, I’ve been a casualty at the Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin, held the line with... Read more
The Federation’s gunboat diplomat ‘Enterprise.’ CBS capture Kirk’s crew averted nuclear war, competed for the loyalty of developing nations and engaged in espionage by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN It’s been 50 years since the starship Enterprise first soared boldly where no one had gone before in a three-season run that brought science... Read more
The cast of ‘War Virgin.’ Photo via Facebook Laura Westley talks — and sings — about going to war as a virgin by KEVIN KNODELL In the spring of 2003 Laura Westley went to war a virgin. The young Army officer had grown up in a strict conservative Christian household and had been a leader in... Read more

Always Be Prepared

WIB culture October 25, 2016 0

In Afghanistan, the difference between life and death was measured in footsteps … and on/off switches by KEVIN KNODELL & BLUE DELLIQUANTI Read more
Landsberg prison today. Photo via Wikipedia A nine-month stint in a genial little prison helped to make Adolf Hitler into a dictator by DAVID AXE On April 1, 1924, 34-year-old Adolf Hitler — a socially awkward painter and former soldier from Austria — arrived at Landsberg prison in Bavaria to serve a five-year sentence for... Read more
This won’t go well. Funimation capture The Japanese government is powerless in the face of the King of Monsters by MATTHEW GAULT America sucks at making Godzilla movies. Critics and fans panned Gareth Edwards’ 2014 reboot for being too plot-driven. It had too many characters, too much dialogue and not enough... Read more
‘The Siege of Jadotville’ certainly looks good, but there’s just one problem. Netflix capture Netflix’s Congo war film is a flawed look at a forgotten battle by KEVIN KNODELL “The thing is politicians, they don’t understand tactics. And soldiers? They don’t understand strategy. But Caesar understood both,” Irish army officer Pat... Read more
The horror! The horror! Magnet / Magnolia Pictures capture An action movie premise with the heart of a horror film by MATTHEW GAULT When filmmaker James Cameron turned Ridley Scott’s horror movie classic Alien into an action movie franchise, critics and the box office rewarded him with praise and cash. When filmmaker... Read more
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